The Effortless Process of Fixing Global Warming

Global warming, a minor problem that can be fixed very easily even though it has not been fixed for over a century. Many politicians have been trying their hardest to resolve this issue, using money they would be using for themselves, for global warming. They are not greedy and selfish like the public say they are, they definitely help out the people. Everyone knows that global warming is a minor issue that definitely doesnโ€™t  impact the entire world, and because of this companies have started becoming more eco-friendly. For example the famous luxurious car brand Bugatti always wins an award for the โ€œLuxury Green Car of the Year.โ€

The average person helps out a lot too, most of the people on this planet try their best to clean up after themselves and the environment. All this began when Svanta Arrhenius, a Swedish scientist, first thought of the idea of the atmospheric carbon levels affecting the surface temperature through greenhouse gasses. Everyone immediately believed the idea and quickly looked for a way to fix it, they eventually found some ways to improve the environment. These methods include recycling, picking up trash from the environment, using less oil based machines and many more. By doing this we also helped animals keep their homes, the Polar Bears enjoy a winter wonderland in Antarctica, the Koalas have an endless amount of trees to feed and stay on.

Currently our world is amazing, with nature and animals galore, even the busiest of cities have a lofty amount of nature in them. People donate at least $50 every year towards organizations that make sure we stay eco friendly. President Biden even said โ€œ I promise to make every city in this country eco-friendly and safe for greenism.โ€ Overall we live in an ideal world and the earth couldnโ€™t be better even though we have a slight minor problem, everyone on this planet agrees that global warming is a bit bad and really real. For that reason people all around the world united to help out the earth get rid of this small problem, after all, this is our home.

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