What’s With the Empty Seats?

The student section. A section that is full of students. Right? Well, this is true, at a boy’s basketball or varsity football game. But what about events like tennis matches or cross-country and track meets? Sports like these have low attendance rates, despite showcasing amazing student-athletes.

Did you know tickets for most non-stadium or gym athletic contests are free? Yes! Free!

The MCPS website states, “Admission is charged for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and all events conducted on the stadium field (except track and field).” This is an amazing opportunity to try watching other sports without paying an admission fee, so you can see how you like them

You should also check out ticketed events with low attendance like girl’s basketball and coed volleyball. These sports need a crowd too!

As student-athletes, they are putting in countless hours of hard work and dedication to their sports, and showing up matters! Having the school community attend their contest not only makes the student-athletes feel good but also makes them feel seen. And, you get a cool experience as a spectator cheering on your friends!

So next time you hear about a school sporting event, come out and support the Bengals! You only know what awesome things this school offers once you take part in them.