Silly, Salty, and Serious: New Years Resolutions!

If you’re in need of some new resolutions or just want to spice up your list, here are some good resolutions to consider!

  1. Wear belts more often. They’re great for keeping your pants up and no one can see your boxers.
  2. Save up enough money to buy headphones. They keep the music in your ears so you won’t have to carry a speaker and blast your music everywhere.
  3. Go to sleep earlier. I know I sound like a grandma right now but it can genuinely change the way you feel and how you learn and you also won’t be falling asleep on your desk.Β 
  4. Keep PDA to a minimum. Hear me out guys, I know it sounds hard but maybe don’t start making out in the hallways at 7:30 in the morning.Β 
  5. Practice good hygiene. I’m sorry but how is it 7 A.M and you smell like you just ran a marathon. Invest in deodorant please.Β 
  6. Stop losing chromebook chargers. I know you can’t really control that but I am so tired of people not having chromebook chargers when I forget to bring mine to school.Β 
  7. Practice good hygiene pt.2. Brush your teeth in the morning, you will smell better and it’s good for your teeth. (also your dentist will thank you.)
  8. Wake up earlier and make lunch for yourself. That way you get to eat what you want AND you don’t have to go in that horrendously long line where people are cutting and pushing other people just to get a cold sandwich and expired chips.
  9. Β PLEASE LEARN DRIVERS ETIQUETTE. I’m so tired of my dad trying to get out of the parking lot and yelling at the other cars because no one lets him pass.Β 
  10. Take the time to love yourself. School will always be stressful and unlikable, but that doesn’t mean that you’re bad at it or not intelligent. Take breaks and don’t push yourself when you’re at your limit. Take care of yourself and surround yourself with things that do bring you joy.

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