Graduation Location: UMBC

Last week, the location was officially announced for our 2023 graduation between Blake or UMBC. The decision was released through an instagram post on @blakeclassof_2023. 

Graduation will officially be at UMBC at 10am on June 14th

Our current principal Mrs. Shanay Snead discussed what led up to this decision. β€œAll schools sent out a preference survey to seniors and their families to have graduation at home, DAR Constitution Hall, UMBC, or Mount St. Mary’s. We had 265 responses (154 student and 111 family responses) and 86.4% of the respondents selected UMBC as their preference. We then submitted the results to the central office and they finalized the selection,” she explains. 

UMBC is half an hour away from Blake. But we can enjoy the air conditioning, more tickets for friends and families, covid friendly space, and a more formal/professional looking graduation. 

A reminder to buy caps and gowns here.

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