Live, Laugh, Love <3 MCPS Currently

I love it at school right now.

Nothing like walking into the hallways and breathing in a thick scent of dread and fear. Smells great, really. Some people are even pulling down their masks to get a nice whiff. Who could blame them?

We even get breaks from our teachers all the time! Isn’t that great? I mean, nobody likes their teacher, the person they’re plenty used to getting instruction from at this point in the year. It’s MUCH better to get a change of pace of teachers, especially burnt out teachers that need to be using the time to plan for their other classes or tend to the students who are stuck at home.

I get to go through my classes, nice and exhausted, and retain not a single word that was said. Doing my assignments by stumbling through them is so much better than actually trying. No stress about getting right or wrong answers if you BSed the whole thing. Really taking advantage of in-person learning, because students can REALLY get the benefits of in-person instruction. I’m definitely learning better than I ever would at home.

It was so terrible staying home the past month, being safe, and doing my work at my own pace. I mean, sleeping in until 10 everyday? Eating three meals? Not having a constant headache? Sounds like lame behavior to me. Having near-constant anxiety about getting sick or getting other people sick is cooler for sure.

My inbox is also having a blast right now. Who doesn’t love to stay informed? I get to know all about the million policy changes every day, because I get close to 80 emails about it. All the time. Makes me feel so special. Spamming MY inbox of all people!

I’ve always wanted to live out a dystopian fiction plotline. A huge health crisis going on globally, schools only caring about politics and not the safety of their community, spending my time always being worried about dying instead of normal teenage activities. Thanks MCPS for making my dreams a reality! It’s a shame I only have nightmares.

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