Stats and Stripes 2/21

2nd – Maryland’s ranking in terms of most educated state 

Maryland ranks as the second most educated state in the country, according to a new study released by WalletHub

3.41% – Dip in Covid-19 Positivity Rate

There are 548 Marylanders who are hospitalized. This has gotten down to more than 80% from last month’s peak of 3,462 hospitalizations

8-0 – Anne Arundel County Board of Education vote to end Mask Mandate

Anne Arundel County is the first county in Maryland to make wearing a mask optional for Anne Arundle students starting on Feb. 19. 

More than 200 – the number of bodies that are awaiting an autopsy in Baltimore

Legislative analysts have testified that medical examiners caseloads have stretched beyond the National Association of Medical Examiners accreditation limits. The increase in overdoses and homicides are the contributing factors to caseload increases.

$500k – the amount of money Dundalk Resident wins in Booster Shot Lottery 

Maryland is trying to emerge from the surge of cases caused by the Omicron variant by putting in place a vaccine lottery to encourage people to go and get their booster shots.

$140M – Lawmakers are calling on Gov. Hogan to Restore Education Funding in Baltimore and PG County

Under the law, Maryland is supposed to provide additional funding for low-income school districts but the governor’s budget for the 2023s fiscal year includes $8.15 billion for education and this leaves out $99 million grants for Baltimore county and $26.5 million grants for PG county. Though Montgomery County does not have problems with funding, it’s an eye-opener to issues happening to students and teachers in other countries. 

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