COVID Protocols

The Covid-19 virus has taken the world by storm, closing down services such as restaurants and theaters, filling people with unease and worry towards the future, and changing everyone’s lives. We all have been impacted by the virus’s effect, but now we are slowly regaining our hope and fighting back against this disease. To remain safe, we have to take precautions due to the close contact students have with each other. Blake’s protocols include: 

  • All students, staff, and visitors are required to wear masks when entering the school building and office. 
  • Regular testing/distribution of rapid tests
  • Distribution of masks 
  • Reporting positive cases
  • Close contact and reporting close contact between students and staff.
  • Improved ventilation systems.
  • Letters sent to parents and students regarding covid exposure and quarantine.
  • Vaccination areas for students in school.

Hand washing is encouraged, and hand sanitizer is available around the school and classrooms. There are also Clorox wipes for desks for further protection. 

Students who develop symptoms should go to the nurse. If the student comes back positive or if the health service staff member determines that the symptoms are Covid related, they will be placed in a designated isolation and triage space, or be sent home if available. 

Students and staff who were in close contact with someone with covid must stay at home for at least five days, even if the individual has no symptoms. They are encouraged to get tested in order to enter the school building again. According to the Blake Covid Information page, unvaccinated individuals who were in close contact and have symptoms must stay at home for ten days, but can return to school after day 7 if the person exposed submits a negative PCR test taken on or after day 5 from the last date of exposure.

If you have any questions, always refer to the MCPS COVID page in order to take the right precautions to keep you and your peers safe. 

Sanitize, test, and stay safe Bengals!

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