Top Five People to Get to Know as an Incoming Freshman

Coming in as a freshman can be hard because you can be easily overwhelmed by all the new faces. Of all the new people to meet, here are the top five people you definitely need to introduce yourselves to in order to maximize your high school experience.

Your counselor: Your advisor, your mentor, your guide. From emotional stresses to educational struggles, your counselor will be your best friend during your high school journey. They can help with small things, like schedule changes, or big things, like college/career decisions. Your counselor can help put you on the right path towards success, whatever your goals may be.

Your teachers: You’ll see them every day, and teachers love students who interact with them. Teachers will become more lenient, and maybe more sparing when it comes to the workload. Maybe participate in class, volunteer to help, or even simply say β€œhi” to them at the beginning of class. The little things will help in the future, such as for letters of recommendation.

Mrs. Prochnow: Mrs. Prochnow is the college and career coordinator here at Blake. It may seem early thinking about college/career options just being a freshman, but those decisions definitely creep up on you. Mrs. Prochnow can help you find career-related resources, scholarships, information on colleges, offer AP Exam, SAT, and ACT prep books, and so much more. It’s fine if you don’t have a clue about what you want to do, but even a simple introduction will get you on her radar.

Sophomore/Junior β€œadvisor”: Someone older than you who has been through freshman year is your best resource for advice. Whether it be on relationships, study tips, or common culture here at Blake, getting to know upperclassmen can help you throughout the journey of high school. They can also end up being a really good friend!

Security: The security here at Blake are some of the funniest people you’ll meet. They love to interact and have fun with students but can get serious if they have to. They can be super helpful when it comes to lost phones, bags, etc.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it now, these people will make your high school experience amazing. They know it may be scary coming in as a freshman, and they are here to help you. The closer of a relationship you have with these people, the smoother high school will go. These older mentors are the best way to advance yourself in your high school career.