Open Up Your Options: Why Community College is a Good Choice

The process of choosing the college you wish to attend can be a really stressful time for most seniors. Having to decide between a community college, state college or moving away from home, the options can get overwhelming for most. 

Despite the many choices, community college was the option that seemed to best suit my interest. Most students may not think about community college as their first choice since they do not typically offer the same experience as other four-year institutions. However, based on my own personal experience, students should consider community college at some point as an option.

When choosing a college, many things come into play. The programs and degrees it offers, tuition, housing options, environment and student to teacher ratio are all just some of the things that are considered when choosing a college. As I researched each school, Montgomery College (MC) seemed like the one that best suited my interest by comparison. Looking for specific things in colleges such as the programs or locations helped me be able to narrow down my list of potential colleges.Β 

During the first two years of college, students have to take basic classes no matter what their major is. Taking these basic classes at a community college instead of at a four-year college would greatly reduce the amount of money spent. 

Community colleges also offer flexible schedules that allow students to be able to work while also getting their education. This can allow students to have an easier time paying back loans or save up for their upcoming years.Β 

It also aids in improving your transcript if you plan on transferring to a four-year college.  Since there is less competition as a transferring junior than an incoming freshman, going to community college can increase your chances of getting accepted into the college of your choice or even better institutions than the ones you previously applied to.

MC seemed like the best choice for me since it had many of the things that I cared about. Most importantly, it was tuition. Even with student aid, paying for college can be difficult. The programs at a community college cost thousands of dollars less than at a four-year university. This would allow me to save a lot of money on the same programs I would take at a four-year college.

Working while also being in college was also something important to me. MC offers career and employment services that help students find internships, explore career options and develop their working skills. It had the tuition cost and career options that I wanted which made me easily choose it.

Amidst the many big-name colleges out there, community college may not seem like the most exciting place to get your college education. But, you can get the same education and degree for a fraction of the price than from a state college. Combining the fact that they also allow you to balance work life and build your career development skills, community college has some options that the first two years at a four-year college or university may not offer.