The Official Ranking of Jolly Rancher Favors

One day in our beloved class we decided to look at jolly rancher flavors for some reason. (There are like a lot??) This then turned into a heated debate over which the best flavor is. So I decided to whip up a definitely, completely unbiased list of the best jolly rancher flavors complete with reasons as to why they’re someone’s favorite. From least to best:

No response: 

Alayna does not like jolly ranchers. She is a β€œsalt girl through and through.” I get it, but also, you should have an answer, Alayna. 


It’s just not good. I mean sure if you like the taste of medicine then like to be my guest. It’s unpopular for a reason though. At least you’ll know that it’ll always be an option because NO ONE LIKES IT?? 

Resident grape lover: Viet Ngo

Why?: β€œI don’t know. It’s just better” 

Thank you Viet. 

Green Apple: 

I think green apple people are gonna get an ego cause they’re not last. I wish you were. The only reason you’re not last is because the green is prettier than the purple. With that being said, if I HAD to choose, green apple is better than grape…I guess.

Resident Green Apple fan: Tokyo Constant 

Why?: β€œβ€˜Cause it’s green. Both a sweet and sour taste. Delectable”

Wise words, thank you. 


Now here’s a flavor I can actually tolerate. I GUESS I can understand why you would like it. It will never be my first choice, however I won’t bully you if you choose it. I mean, it used to be my favorite before I realized there was a difference between it and watermelon in, like, 4th grade. 

Resident Cherry Admirer: Malik Jangha 

Why?: β€œNo others are good. I just like the cherry” 



This is easily one of the two best flavors. A classic, a go to. I typically don’t like watermelon things but this is quite the exception. I just don’t see the appeal of the other flavors when watermelon is right there.Β 

Resident watermelon devotee: Mandy Sanidad

Why?: β€œIt’s kinda just the best flavor. Not too intense, not too sweet.”

Mandy knows what he. Is. Talking. About. They GET it. 


Last but not least the best jolly rancher flavor is… (though I’m sure you’ve guessed it through process of elimination) 


MMMMMMMMMM my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Sweet but not too sweet. Tart but not too tart. Perfect shade of blue. Such a unique flavor. When I think blue raspberry I think jolly rancher. (Jolly Rancher if and when you see this you don’t have to pay me to use that). Somehow it’s never an option, so I go with watermelon but as soon as I see that ocean blue on a desk MY EYE IS ON THE PRIZE. 

The woman with the most wisdom: Samantha Nguyen

Why?: β€œI don’t know, I just like it. It just tastes better than the other one.”

That is literally so real, oh my god.  

I will not be taking criticism. ~ Reese S

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