Stats and Stripes 3/7

  • 2 weeks until St. Patrick’s Day!

Don’t forget to don your green!

  • March 8, 2022

The MCPS Board of Education will vote on whether or not to make masks optional for the rest of the school year. Until then, keep your masks on!

  • 31st of March is when SSL Hours are due for seniors

Get those hours Bengals!

  • 35 days until Spring Break

MCPS’ spring break takes place from April 11-18; only a little over a month to go!

  • 35 Years since Women’s History Week was expanded into Women’s History Month

Let’s remember all the contributions that women have given to the world all through March!

  • 86% rotten tomatoes on the new The Batman movie

The highly anticipated film with Robert Pattinson starring as Batman has a decently high score from critics so far. On the contrary, the audience’s review has a score of 96%.

  • 1,338 emails

Last week, a mass email chain was sent out to most MCPS students, and in the panic, at least 1,338 emails were sent in the span of 10 minutes. The situation has since been resolved.

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