All quotes are 100% fake.

Recently announced after the conference championship, the Blake Bengals are now preparing for their very first Super Bowl! They did get the colors on our logo wrong, but looking past that, we are so excited to be nationally recognized for our superstar football team.

Now Mandy and I have never been big football fans, but we’ll definitely be watching our friends on the Blake Bengals football team compete for the……prize? Trophy? Award? Whatever it is that they get, we’ll sure be excited! Can’t wait to see another addition to our trophy case in the gym hallway.

We are so proud of Coach Marshall; he’s only been Blake’s head football coach for two weeks and he’s already made tremendous progress in the team’s accomplishments.

β€œI thought I would up our training some, in preparation for the spring season, and it looks like that paid off,” he comments.

After the football team’s impressive 5-6 regular season record, Blake’s athletic dominance is finally being put on show for the world to see. Principal Robert (Bobby) Sinclair is elated that the school is getting recognition.

β€œI really wish they’d gotten our school colors right, but it’s still pretty cool that we’re gonna be on national TV!” Sinclair remarks. 

Make sure to root for the Bengals during the Super Bowl on Sunday! Show your Bengal pride on social media! And if you see a member of the Blake football team in the hallways, make sure to congratulate them on this enormous accomplishment! Maybe even ask for an autograph in advance. A Bengal signature would sell for a lot of money, since it’s so coveted.

β€œI’m a little nervous to be up against one of the best teams in the nation,” Senior football star Evan Cawthorne says. β€œBut I think our boys can handle it.”

They’ll only be up against the second best football team in the country, since we’re number one, obviously. Some people have shared concerns about a team of teenagers going against a team of heavily trained and bulky 20-30 year olds, but it’ll be no sweat for our Bengals. The Bengal’s solid 5’5 team height average is sure to give them the physical advantage against…whatever team they’re playing. They can handle the intense tackles like real manly men, with the rich smell of testosterone and success, as they always do.

Good luck, Bengals! The whole school is rooting for you! Especially your biggest fans- Mandy and Alayna!

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