Taylor Swift Midnights Album Review

On Sep 28, Taylor Swift shocked news outlets and fans with the announcement of her new album, Midnights; a pop album set to be released Oct 21. Taylor is known for leaving easter eggs for her fans, doing it previously with her albums Folklore, Evermore, and the re-release of Red (Taylors Version). How would this time be any different? In a video series β€œMidnight Mayhem with Me,” Swift revealed track thirteen β€œMastermind” and track eight β€œVigilante Sh*tΒ¨. She continued this on the following days and announced more tracks on both her Instagram story and TikTok account. On Oct 7, she announced the tracklist for Midnights, revealing surprising news that track four, β€œSnow on the Beach,” will have a feature from none other than Lana Del Rey. Fans have been waiting for a collaboration from these two talented artists. 

The first part of the album was released on Oct 21 at midnight, followed by Midnight (3am edition) on all streaming platforms. From the first track β€œLavender Haze” you can immediately tell it’s going to be a pop album that resembles her previous work, 1989. Some of my favorite songs that pulled me into the album are β€œLavender Hazeβ€œ , β€œMidnight Rain”, and β€œSweet Nothings.” In her two previous albums, Folklore and Evermore, Swift exhibits her lyricism and capability to write songs with beautiful metaphors. Midnights, however, fell short in comparison. Fans were anticipating β€œSnow on the Beach” to display both artists equally, but as the song goes on you can barely hear Lana in the background and she doesn’t even get her own verse. This was a major disappointment to fans of the two famous pop icons.

Former Blake beat editor, Sofia Norberte, says her favorite song was β€œAnti Hero and You’re on Your Own, Kid,” with her least favorite being, β€œVigilante Sh*t.” 

β€œThe album was okay. I think she could’ve done better lyrically, but the production was nice. [I give it a] 6.5/10,” says Norberte. 

Senior Madison Enright states that her favorite song is β€œYou’re on Your Own, Kid” with her least favorite being β€œSnow on the Beach.” 

As Enright’s final thoughts on the album, β€œI liked it, but nothing will ever top Folklore. Also, it low-key gave me sci-fi vibes.”

My personal thoughts and rating on the album are that after Swift’s dabbling in the indie/folk genre that was Folklore and Evermore with such strong lyrical writing, this album fell short in comparison. I think Swift’s voice sounds beautiful and it isn’t a bad album, but there was way more anticipation pre-album release compared to the post-release. My rating on the album would be 6/10.

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