New Music Monday 12/20: Live Fast, Cry Young

Hey, welcome back to Music Monday. We’ve got some fun music to help cap off the year! We’ve got some returns, some goodbyes, and a whole lotta R&B. It feels like the beginning of toxic season folks, but also the beginning of hustle season. So get your money up, put on some headphones, and listen along as we review this week’s highlights.


Two Β years after Roddy Rich’s game changing release, β€œPlease Excuse Me For Being Antisocial,” Roddy Rich returns with his new album, LIVE LIFE FAST. Rich discusses the change in his life after his success and how he’s trying to value his life even though he faces constant turmoil. From fake friends, enemies, and the thought of losing it all, throughout the album, Rich reminds himself that he’s fortunate to have this success as he looks back to when he didn’t have anything. He understands that time is valuable and that he should enjoy his spoils while he still can.Β 

Viet – 8/10

Favorite Tracks – β€œhibachi,” featuring Kodak Black & 21 Savage, β€œmoved to miami,” featuring Lil Baby, β€œman made,” β€œmore than a trend,” β€œlate at night”

Chris Webby, DMX – β€œWe Up”

This week we saw the release of DMX’s final recorded verse with the song, β€œWe Up”. DMX showed he still had his raw unfiltered attitude with him and that he’s still out there striking fear to the hearts of his doubters, like he did in his prime. The same cannot be said for his partner, Webby, as he gives out a very lackluster and mediocre verse. To me, this song would not be played on the aux. With its very cheesy and generic feel. Although DMX had a really good verse, it’s sad to say that the rest of the song could not work itself to being as good. 

Viet – 3/10 (RIP DMX rest up high <3)

FKA Twigs, The Weeknd – β€œTears In The Club”

The amazing FKA Twigs returns with a feature from the phenomenal Weeknd. This song really does feel like the title, as both Twigs and The Weeknd discuss their romantic problems with a club beat echoing in the background. This is the perfect song for when you’re feeling down and out, but want to dance it away.

Viet – 7/10 (Listen to β€œGive Up” by FKA Twigs, it’s really good. Listen to β€œLow Life” for a top tier feature by The Weeknd)

Jhene Aiko – β€œWrap Me Up”

The amazing Jhene Aiko returns with her newest track, β€œWrap Me Up.” From the get go, the instrumental already has this Christmas holiday type feel to it. The song talks about how Aiko wants to serenade her partner with love in many different ways, and how she hopes to be loved during this holiday season. Aiko has given us a perfect song to celebrate this holiday season with.

Viet – 7.5/10

This concludes this week’s Music Monday. Hope to see ya again. Remember to get your money up, take care of yourself because self care is very important. Enjoy this break and be safe please. We hope to see you again and have another amazing session with you all. Love y’all, peace πŸ™‚

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