Jingle All the Slay: A Definitive Ranking of Our Winter Spirit Days

If you didn’t know, our very hardworking SGA had recently announced their plans for a winter Spirit Week, starting Dec. 20! What a wonderful way to count down the days to break, am I right? Now, because you’re all such big fans of me and value my opinions, I’m back with another definitive ranking of the latest chosen spirit week themes.

3. Ugly Sweater Day

This is last simply because I don’t own any ugly sweaters due to my adamant refusal to buy clothes I will only wear once. #EnvironmentalRealness #ConsciousConsumer. However, even though I don’t necessarily own any tacky holiday apparel, since I am just brimming with school spirit, I will still be participating in Monday’s theme by DIY-ing my own ugly sweater. (The DIY in question is just me taping a piece of paper that says β€œUgly Sweater” on one of my regular sweatshirts. Innovative, I know.) Not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to seeing just how ugly these sweaters can get.

2. Pajama Day

A classic; You can’t ever go wrong with pajama day! It’s fun and simple and … yeah that’s all I got. Not really much else to say about Pajama Day without repeating myself from what I said last time. All in all, five stars, woo!

1. Met Gala Day

I think it’s cute! You guys are just mean! Like, as someone that enjoys dressing up for no reason other than I can, I’m really looking forward to Tuesday. Plus, I feel like this would be a good way for our Bengals to show their creativity with their looks, since the Met Gala is known for displaying avante-garde and experimental fashions. We aren’t the art school for nothing. β€œBut it’s going to be 45Β° on Tuesday!” If you really had school spirit, you would suck it up and come dressed in your finest attire anyways. #Real #AlphaMaleBehavior #Grind 

Spirit Week is a staple in high school culture, and although some may cringe at it, it’s honestly really fun to participate in. So, let loose and make some fond high school memories by showing some school spirit!

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