Stats and Stripes 4/25

3- the number of NEC schools participating in a countywide spirit week! Starting today and ending Friday, Blake, Springbrook, and Paint Branch will compete against each other to see which NEC school has the most school spirit! Check out this link to see what spirit days are in store for us. Let’s aim for first place, Bengals!

4 years later since she last performed her band’s 2007 hit, Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams, sings β€œMisery Business” after being invited onto the Coachella stage by headliner, Billie Eilish.

1 day until Montgomery County Regional-Student Government Association (MCR-SGA) Officer Voting occurs at Watkins Mills High School during MCR’s April General Assembly. Registration for their GA ends today, 5PM EST. Let’s get involved!

59% votes- the amount of votes our newly elected SMOB Arvin Kim got to win! We look forward to seeing what he does for the county. 

$10 Million- the amount of money the Rales Foundation gifted to the MCPS Educational Foundation. This scholarship money will be awarded to students with low-to-moderate household incomes that have at least 4.0 GPA, they will also need to write an essay that will be reviewed by the Educational Foundation.  

$100 million- The amount of additional households using a shared Netflix account. With 222 million paying accounts, password sharing has become practically inevitable. Netflix may be cracking down on some users that don’t live in the same house but use the same account, by enabling people to pay for an β€œextra member” on their account. 

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