Five Anime Movies To Watch During the Holidays

The holiday season is the perfect time to bundle up inside and watch some movies. There’s no better time to get into some new anime, too. Although all of these picks aren’t specifically made for the holidays, they are amazing watches to warm your heart and make you tear up while drinking some hot chocolate.

Mirai (2018)

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Let’s start off with a charming movie about being a kid. Mirai follows Kun, a four-year-old boy whose little sister, Mirai, has recently joined his family. He has a very hard time adjusting to this change, as the focus from his parents shifts from him to her. Throughout the movie, Kun goes through magical adventures his house puts him in and learns important values about family. This movie is perfect for the holiday because it holds a collection of heartwarming stories that will make you smile and laugh throughout the whole film.

Wolf Children (2012)

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Wolf Children follows the life of Hana, a woman who has fallen in love with a werewolf and is tasked to take care of their children after his sudden death. Raising two kids on her own isn’t an easy task, especially when she has to hide the fact that they’re both werewolves. This is a very endearing movie that is good to watch during the holidays because it’s a beautiful story about family and being different from others.

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

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Funnily enough, this is the only movie on this list that actually takes place in the holiday season. Tokyo Godfathers follows three homeless people who have given themselves the task to find the parents of an abandoned baby. Within the film, the three reflect upon their life and past mistakes while searching the city. This movie is perfect for the holidays because it’s an actual holiday movie with highs that are full of laughs and will make you be at the edge of your seat, and the lows will make you tear up.

Penguin Highway (2018)

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This one is quite an emotional trip. In Penguin Highway, a young boy named Aoyama and everyone in his town notices penguins suddenly appearing out of nowhere. This piques his interest and sends him on his own investigative journey on their source. Soon follows a grand rollercoaster of great visuals and amazing storytelling. This movie is great for the holidays because it sends you on a journey away from your own world, perfect when you’re warming up inside.

Weathering with You (2019)

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In Weathering with You, Hodaka runs away from home to Tokyo and meets a girl who can control the weather. The two work together to clear the rain for people around the city but things go awry when they suddenly have to go on the run together hiding from the police. I’m telling you right now, this one will also hit hard emotionally. This movie’s beautiful visuals and soundtrack will send you on a great emotional journey through the streets of Tokyo that will lead to your eyes welling up. Watching this heartwarming film is an amazing way to spend your holiday indoors.

Though these movies aren’t all filled with winter wonderlands and the chimes of holiday bells, the charming and beautiful stories they all tell are in my opinion perfect watches for you to enjoy with friends and family or even on your own during this season. You will not regret picking up any of these films.

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