Undercover Workers: Students with Part-Time Jobs

Every student has different workloads and responsibilities to handle, whether it comes to school, sports, extracurricular activities, etc. Holding a part-time job is among these responsibilities for a few Blake students. Due to the nature of part-time jobs, students often take part in the service-industry, whether as cashiers, waiters, or any other customer service centered careers.

Junior Carlee Bueso works in customer service and gift wrapping at the β€œNordstrom in Columbia Mall,” she says. β€œA lot of times I go from school, which ends at 2:30, to work, which starts at 3:30, and then I normally work until 9 on weekdays with 2 days off a week.”

Freshman Nicolette Tracewski works as both a busser and a hostess at β€œSeibel’s Uptown Pub in Burtonsville.”

Both students decided to apply for their jobs because of an influx of unused time. Tracewski states, β€œI got a job because I was bored over the summer.” Although she started her job in the summer, Tracewski maintains her job as the school year continues.

β€œI got a job because I suddenly had a lot of free time, and I had recently gotten my license, so I was able to transport myself freely to and from work,” Bueso comments. β€œI [also] needed the money.”

As most students can agree, staying on top of schoolwork is a tedious task on its own. However, the ability to keep grades up while maintaining both a social life and a part-time job is apparently easier than it seems. β€œIt’s just time management and I figured it out so it was okay,” Tracewski suggests.

β€œIt can get hard trying to [make time for] work and school events [while] having to make it work with my work schedule but it’s manageable,” Bueso admits. β€œLuckily, at my job they are very understanding that I am a highschool student.”

There are many pros to holding a part-time job including the hours, coworkers, and skills you receive. β€œI like the people and I like what I do and I like the pay and I like the location,” says Bueso. Gaining helpful social and communication skills are a huge benefit of being a student worker.

β€œI do like the people that work there, they’re nice.” Tracewski agrees.

However, most employed people have their fair share of negatives regarding their job. A common complaint amongst student workers is the attitudes of customers. β€œI just don’t like the way [customers] treat me when I’m there.” Tracewski states.

Maryland’s child labor restrictions can feel a bit frusterating for students who are close to turning 18. β€œI don’t necessarily like all the restrictions I have because I’m a minor. But it’s not my job’s fault, it’s the law that [states that] I can only do so many things.” Bueso complains.

There are plenty of pros and cons to managing a part-time job as a student, but gaining the skills and work experience can be beneficial. If you believe you can manage it, many establishments are hiring due to our current labor shortage. β€œI think having a job is a good experience, and it’s not as scary as you think. It’s nice being able to say you work and having that money is really nice. Getting your paycheck makes all the time and energy worth it, and I probably plan on having a job for the rest of my school career and over the summer.” Bueso explains. Although it is difficult to find specific locations that are asking for part-time workers, it can be entirely worth it to invest your time into applying to any local establishment.

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