Homecoming: Roll Solo or Take a Date?

The homecoming dance is the most anticipated night of the high school fall semester. Figuring out how to look and what to do after is what makes the whole experience memorable. Most importantly, your homecoming experience depends on who you spend your evening with. With the homecoming dance November 2, you should begin asking yourself if you want to roll solo or take a date?

Reasons to go with a date:

  • You can give them your undivided attention 

Who wants their S.O. not to pay attention to them if they go on a date or to a dance together? By going with one person, you can devote your time to them! It can lead to great memories and overall just have a better night. (Your S.O should appreciate that!)

  • You have fewer schedules to accommodate if you go with one person 

You don’t have to set up carpools if you go with one other person. If you want to get there at the same time it comes easier because that person is less likely to have other activities going on. 

  • You can always see your friends there 

Just because you go without friends doesn’t mean you can’t see them. You can create a balance between your friends and date that will make everyone happy.

  • Less drama can happen if limited to two people 

Who wants drama on hoco night? Maybe two of your friends suddenly get in an argument and are now fighting for your attention. With a date, drama is less likely to happen. If you DO get into a fight you then can just leave or find your friends and not be forced to interact. 

  • Sometimes that one person can get a group down if they don’t want to be there anymore

No one likes a party pooper. If you go with a group of friends and now one of them wants to go, you now have to deal with that one friend being grumpy which can bring down the whole group. If you go with one person and they want to go you can either go with them or you can let them leave and catch up with them later. 

  • Sometimes your friends want to go with their S.O. and trying to constantly hang out with them might ruin the β€œmood”

Maybe you’re advocating to go to hoco with your friends, but sadly, you’re the only one without a S.O. Begging friends to go with you is irritating and might hinder your friendship. It also might lead to your friends avoiding you at hoco. 

  • It’s more romantic (if you care about that)

Maybe you’re a hopeless romantic and you think hoco should be more of a date and not just a place to hang out with friends while looking nice. If you go with a date it can be more intimate and charming. 

Reasons to go solo or with a group:

  • The before and after hoco process is much more fun with friends

Getting ready for the homecoming dance for some people might be more fun than the actual dance. Unfortunately, you won’t get that experience if you plan to roll up with a date. Even the after activities are restricted because you’re sticking with one person.

  • There’s no pressure to dance with the same person the whole time

Going to any event with one person leaves both parties feeling chained to each other. It’s hard to venture out and hang with other groups when you bring a date. The last thing you want to do is make them feel left out.

  • The person you plan on sticking with might not be worth it 

We all know that one person that starts acting different around people or makes other people feel awkward for wanting to have fun. It’s just not worth ruining your night sticking around one person that is just a party pooper.

  • You don’t have to worry about the awkwardness with your friends

Because you don’t want your date to feel left out, you try to introduce them to all your friends; this doesn’t always work out. You can’t expect your friends to feel comfortable around someone they don’t really know; they want to have fun too.

  • If anything crazy happens, you all can share the memories and have something to laugh about later. You won’t get that opportunity if you hung out with the same person all night.

Having funny or embarrassing memories to share with your friends are the definitions of high school, but when you hang out with one partner you will probably miss out on the chance to see everything the night has to offer.