Upperclassmen Uncensored: Talking to People is Hard

Blake beaters how do I deal with burnout / If you’re going through a tough time and school is becoming harder on you and your grades and attendance is dropping. How do you make a balance to maintain good attendance and good grades?

Mandy: First thing’s first, burnout is unavoidable, no matter how hard you try. I’d say even if you have no energy to do work, then don’t force yourself because you’ll just end up getting frustrated. Wait until you have some semblance of energy to do work and then do as much as you can. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. I always live by the motto β€œdo what you can” and if you can’t do your work, then you can’t do it. You can pick it up later, just hang in there πŸ™‚ And try to take care of yourself over everything else!

Reese: Blake teachers for the most part are so kind and understanding when it comes to work. If you show that you’re actively trying to do work, then they often give you some slack. Depending on the class, it can seem like a ton of work but if you just look at what the assignment is, it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes. Keep your head up, give yourself a break. (Just don’t get yourself in too deep). OH and if you’re eligible get a 504 plan. 

Lexa: Burnout sucks. Feeling stuck with no idea where to start and no energy to even attempt your work is the worst. A great way to start would be to wait for a moment you feel productive, even if it’s the tiniest bit, and then start an assignment for the class you find the easiest. Usually that helps me get the ball rolling. Like Reese said, teachers can be surprisingly understanding about burnout, especially if your burn out is caused by something regarding your mental health. With attendance, I’d say as long as you’re not missing weeks of school at a time with no explanation to the school then you’re fine. 

How many colleges should you be applying to?

Mandy: It depends on a lot of things. Where do you want to go to college? How much do you want to pay? What do you want to study? There isn’t one set answer, it really varies from person to person. I’d say figure out what you want in a college first before thinking about how many you want to apply to.

Alayna: I’d say a good number is between 3-10. You definitely want to have options while keeping it realistic. I’d recommend having multiple safeties (places you know you’ll get in and would be eligible for merit scholarships), a few target schools (where the average GPA/SAT/ACT is around your range), and one or two reach schools that have a bit of a higher academic standard. Make sure there’s diversity in your colleges, too. I’d recommend a mix of bigger state schools, city schools, and liberal arts colleges, because you never know what could be the right fit for you. 

Sofia: Yeah, lots of factors play into it, but honestly, if you want a solid number, I’d also say like five, too. 

Thoughts on K-pop?

Sofia: I love Park Sunghoon, Park Jimin, Min Yoongi, Mark Lee, and Jo Yuri!!!!!!! 

Lexa: The music :D. The fans…. Anyways. I love Jeong Yunho, Ju Haknyeon, Kim Kibum, and Kim Jongseob!!!!! Stan P1Harmony for bangers, and SHINee paved the way.

How to talk to a guy friend 

Mandy: Talk to them like anyone else? Guys aren’t all that complicated (speaking as one). I have a feeling this sort of means more though, like how to keep a platonic relationship with a guy (ulterior motives *shivers*) and for that I say be upfront with your friends about what relationship you want to have with them and talk about boundaries! It sounds serious and a pain but if you’re in a limbo it helps clear things up.

Alayna: You should be able to talk to them like they’re any other friend. As someone who’s kinda socially anxious though I understand that sometimes it feels like guys are more judgemental. Really just be yourself and everything should be chill. 

How do I approach my crush when their friends are around? I mean, how do I talk to them without making it awkward?

Mandy: Talk to them like you’re talking to a friend! If you overthink it too much or try to make too many moves in front of their friends it could go wrong. I’m a firm believer in becoming friends with the person you like before dating them, though.

Reese: To be honest, your crush is probably talking to their friends about you (whether the feelings are reciprocated or not). If you’re cool to their friends (BE YOURSELF KINDA COOL) they’ll hopefully start to like you. It can be super helpful in getting your crush to date/like you if their friends do. With that being said, listen to Mandy, it isn’t the time to overtly flirt. 

Alayna: Yeah what Mandy said, don’t be flirty around their friends cause it could potentially make things awkward. I find coming up to them and asking a question about class is a good way to start a conversation without seeming overly eager to talk to them. Just be yourself and don’t try too hard to act cool or impress them. Being nice to their friends could make a good impression, too!

How do you manage a job and school at the same time?

Alayna: Be honest and communicate with your manager about your situation as a student. Keep it realistic and set limitations for yourself, don’t take as many hours as possible just to make money, because school should always come first. Your manager should respect that, too, and if they don’t, you need to find a new job.

Lexa: Don’t overwork yourself because you want more money. You need to know your limits when it comes to balancing work, life, and school. Don’t offer to take someone’s shift if you know you’re going to be tired or have a lot of school work to do. Like Alayna said, school should be your number one priority and your manager should understand that you’re still a high school student that has other responsibilities on top of that job. Put yourself first! (Alayna and Lexa food service solidarity)

Who publishes most of the things on there?

Mandy: Sofia, Alayna, and Kat keep TBB going (it used to be me too but burnout). You could tooooootally check by looking at and reading the other articles though wink wink

Sofia: The Blake Beat is (almost) entirely student-run and we, the staff, publish everything ourselves.

Reese: The co-editors-in-chiefs and the section editors! We basically do whatever needs to be done. It’s a really solid system. 

What is the best way to skip class?

Alayna: The Blake Beat Does Not Endorse Skipping Class

Sofia: Not that I endorse this but- it’s so easy to just walk around LMFAO

Mandy: If you happen to find a girl with many piercings, red hair, and probably carrying a purse…you didn’t hear it from me but just ask her

Reese: Oh my god!! The girl with red hair is my girlfriend!!! ^^^ <44 Also I’m not really the one to ask but honestly if you’re carrying an agenda book… I don’t think they care. 

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