An Ambassador’s Perspective on the Prospective

Interested students and families visited the three schools in the North East Consortium: Blake, Paint Branch, and Springbrook for the annual Open House October 16.

Hosting over 1,000 people, Blake had a chance to see its prospective student body. Open House is a wonderful time for current eighth-graders and private schoolers to get a glimpse of their three school options and what they have to offer. It is a time for their loads of questions to be answered, all impacting their last few years of secondary education. 

As an Ambassador, I get the advantage of meeting the students and their families, giving them important information that will hopefully give them a positive view of the school. Leading up to the event, Blake’s Ambassadors had been trained for the large number of people who showed up. 

Throughout the night, I had several opportunities to ask questions for insight on prospective students and parents about how they view the school. One eighth-grader was actually interested in Journalism; her eyes lit up when I told her I wrote for the school newspaper. Her mom was just as inquisitive, asking about my experiences at Blake and if her daughter would have the space to find herself at the school.  

I wanted to gauge the feelings of the guests with questions about their interest in Blake and how they would play their role in contributing to the Bengal family. Overall, the eighth graders seemed excited and curious. When Principal Sinclair announced it was time to explore the building, many parents and students opted for individual, self-led tours to get a headstart. Even taking a peak in the gym, you could see students running from table to table to sign up for as many sports as possible. 

 It is really important for current students to have an idea of what incoming students are bringing to the table so they can build connections to have an easier adjustment to the next school year. It is also important to give prospective students a voice, so they can feel like they are part of Blake before their entry in 2020. 

I have a great feeling about the incoming class and I know they will bring amazing ideas and a fresh perspective to the school we all call home.

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