Pro/Con: Social Media is a Tricky Place!

Social media is a jungle. There are drama and rumors spread; but also awareness, innovative ideas, and music shared. Like every other controversial topic that roams the web, social media itself has its positives and negatives, benefits and drawbacks and pros and cons. 


Although social media does have its downsides, social sites carry many advantages and benefits for everyone. 

Students can use apps like Skype and Instagram to hold large conversations or video calls where ideas can be shared and topics can be learned. Most schools already use softwares like Google Classroom and Google Docs to allow teachers to post information and assignments. Even though these softwares are not necessarily considered social media, they involve mass communication through the internet.

 Outside of school, adults can use social media to get news faster than any other network; television, radio and print press have decreased massively in public viewing. In a technologically advanced society, why wait hours to get new information when you could learn things within minutes on a smartphone or a laptop? 

In the workplace, employers can post job vacancies on apps like Snag-A-Job or LinkedIn, giving possible employees an opportunity to communicate with employers without the need for formal interviews. Moreover, adults with unconventional careers can display their creative work on Tumblr and Pinterest for their audience while also receiving encouragement and constructive criticism from other creatives. 

Finally, social media helps teens find other people that share similar experiences and struggles, like a black girl with natural hair finding other naturals that share hair tips or a video game enthusiast watching other gamers defeat difficult levels. 

Everyone has a place on social media; it is just a matter of finding that place. Even though some people’s sole use of social sites is to spread hate and negativity, there are settings and features that can be put in place to block them out. People should not miss out on what social media has to offer because of irresponsible, childish users.


Social media can be a good place but it is up to the way people treat it, and if you use it wrong, it can harm your mental health, work and future. 

Social media spreads false rumors. Fake news is spread all over social media through tabloids, causing disruption in a person’s life with possible rumors, cyberbullying and anything else that harms that could harm them mentally. 

It also can promote a lack in focus. For those who use social media heavily, whether it be at work or in class, it can cause a drop in grades and overall work ethic. Social media is addicting, and with their energy more focused on the internet than their work environment, it can be detrimental. 

Nothing ever leaves the internet. You may think you have completely erased your social media presence, but like a shadow, it follows you everywhere. Since posts on social media cannot ever be fully deleted, any mistakes can harm future college or job applications. Whatever you want to post, think about the ways it will affect your career and future. 

Deciding whether or not to use social media is personal. There is no need to feel pressured. But if you choose to, be prepared to encounter people with opposing opinions that may want to start a comment war with you. You need to evaluate your maturity and mental health to ensure proper usage of these sites. With proper consideration, you can reap the full benefits of social media.

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