Blake Bengals Reign Supreme

And Blake has won again. 

Blake had won 6 times in the past 13 years of It’s Academic, an academic student quiz show for high school students. Out of 81 schools in the Washington Metro Area, our school team blew them out of the water with nothing to catch up on. 

This year’s 2023-2024 team consisted of Fred Smith, Luke Sodani, Nikhil Paranjape, and their captain Nathan Suddleson, with their co-sponsors Mr. Caulfield and Mr. Kalina. Together they worked 24/7 to learn and memorize anything that would be asked in any high school curriculum. From Math to History, they know it all.

Practicing every Tuesday, they are just as speedy to answer the questions in practice as on television. So quickly, that the question doesn’t even need to finish for them to get more points added on. Their strategy is flashcards, going the old school route, and getting the results. 

Fred said that they are proud to be on this team continuing the legacy that he gets to add to. When asked about the experience of being on TV he states, ”It’s very nerve-racking leading up to it but when I sit down… you get calm and focus on the questions.”

The wins are a team effort as three students are always on the panel. With their captain and two other starters, they have three seconds to discuss and answer the question after hitting the buzzer. 

Mr. Caulfield, the coach of the team for 26 years and in their 24th year on the show, says β€œYou’re on this sort of roller coaster ride for two and a half minutes and you know that when the car stops, you’ve won.”

Everyone is welcome and no one is cut from the team, but it is very competitive to get into the starting spots on the team.

A big congratulations to the Blake It’s Academic team, with another win under their belt! The show releases on June 29