Ruby of the Season: Mark Hernandez Blanco

Hello, my esteemed reader, 

This author is pleased to shed light upon the latest in high-class entertainment. A new artist has made their public day debut. Allow me to introduce Mark Hernandez Blanco, a passionate student director. With three years of immersing themselves in acting and theater classes, it’s no wonder Mark was destined to lead to something extraordinary. 

With inspiration from Lady Whistledown of the book –and now TV series– β€œBridgerton”, Mark created something quite worthy of an audience from the Queen herself.

Beginning in February, Mark had spent countless hours with his actors, creating and absorbing their scripts to understand their parts truly. With the grace of Daphne and the charisma of Benedict, Mark’s productions have become what some esteemed folk are referring to as the Ruby of the Season.

All trials and struggles were worth the full audience waiting, anticipating what would happen when the lights donned the stage. The passion of the acting was so engaging, this author couldn’t take a break to breathe. The actors chosen for the characters were incredibly well-picked. Each participant certainly left their mark on stage in a truly memorable performance.  

Still reeling from the excitement of the first show, this author is keen to know what this new director’s next adventure is and where she can get a free ticket.