Zoom in to Math Class with Ms. Green!

Most students come in and out of school every day. Some may be absent for only a day, while others are absent for ten or more days due to COVID. Despite this, students are still required to complete the work assigned online. So to help students who are at home, teachers have added two days in the week, where they are able to get on to a zoom meeting and answer questions about anything. But, there are some teachers who are willing to go the extra mile for their students. 

Ms. Tara Green, a math teacher here at Blake of 24 years, has been live zooming all of her classes, hoping to provide assistance in her classes and optional free periods for all her students. The phrase, β€œMath is not a spectator’s sport,” is something that Ms. Green often quotes. β€œMath is something that is very hard to self-teach. When students miss a math class they miss a lot of information and they get overwhelmed,” stated Ms. Green. She thought it would help students if they saw the content being teached live, instead of looking at notes and self-teaching. This is the passion and comfort that students like to hear. 

Even when not knowing too much about technology she still finds a way to do her part and help out. Ms. Green’s math class has always been fun and educational. One of her students, sophomore Kiya Loyer says, β€œShe’s very funny, she jokes a lot.” 

Ms. Green says she started live zooming β€œBecause it was best for the students. I feel like being out for 10 days is a lot,” she says. Ms. Green wanted to help all of her students and keep them on the same page, even if some were under different circumstances.

Whether quarantined or not, her live zoom sessions are available to all of her students at home. She always has at least one student in all of her periods online, sometimes more.

Through all the hard times for both students and staff, everyone is trying their absolute best to make the most reasonable decisions and keep those around them healthy and safe. It’s great to know that the teachers here at Blake care about their students’ education and will put in the extra effort to make it more manageable for them, even with complications. β€œShe works very hard, every class.” comments Loyer. What Ms. Green does for the 4 to 10 students who are in quarantine in each of her classes is truly thoughtful and compassionate. There has definitely been a rise in the bar when it comes to teaching in a pandemic yet, Ms. Green has certainly reached it or set it even higher. Thank you, Ms. Green. We hope you know that your extra efforts don’t go unnoticed.

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