14 Heart Beats for Valentine’s Day

Every February 14, people anxiously walk through aisles and scroll through their phones to find the best Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones. Stores are decorated with pink and red hearts, balloons and teddy bears. 

While some people despise the idea of a whole day dedicated to love, we cannot escape the fact that it’s coming up. Even if you are not in a relationship, you can still spoil and appreciate yourself. Valentine’s Day is a time to show gratitude for the people in your life that make you smile and feel warm inside. 

Music can set the tone for every mood. If you want to feel energized during an intense workout, play your favorite hype tunes or if you are ready to relax after the day, play some chill music. Music can definitely set the mood for Valentine’s Day, too. Below is a curated list of fourteen romance-themed songs in different genres you can sing to your loved one, family, friends or to yourself. 


R&B lends itself to romance. The genre is full of rich voices and soulful lyrics. Honestly, any R&B song could be used as a way to set a loving mood for you and your partner. 

“BMO” by Ari Lennox ft. J.Cole: Originating from Busta Rhymes ft. O’l Dirty Bastard’s classic, β€œWoo Hah!! Got you all in Check”. This Soul/Jazz love song empowers women in taking charge in a relationship. β€œBMO” which stands for β€œBreak Me Off”, symbolizes women demanding what she wants and how she wants it.

β€œCrush” by Hunnah: This is the perfect song for anyone with a minor or major crush on someone. Play this when you just do not know what to say, but you know how they make you feel. If you are feeling bold, just send them lyrics and see how it goes.

β€œCPR” by Marco McKinnis: McKinnis conveys the emotions he gets around his special person fills him up and their kisses feel life-saving. Their touch and presence are addicting and he cannot live without it. This is a genuine song for genuine love.

β€œGonna Love Me” by Teyana Taylor ft Wu-Tang Clan: This song reminds you of one of those old school 90s love songs. It’s perfect for those rainy days when you and your significant other just can’t seem to get things right, but the love you guys have together is so deep you just can’t seem to let things go. It’s simply in the title β€œGonna Love Me”, meaning are you still going to love each other even through rough times. 

β€œHonesty” by Pink Sweat$: This song embodies the rougher aspects of relationships. The reluctance to fully commit and be open with another person because of personal baggage or fear of disappointment. This song reminds us that although intimacy and vulnerability are difficult, putting our guards down with the right person could lead to the discovery of something beautiful. β€œHonesty” is a great tune for any new relationship.

Old School R&B:

Similarly to contemporary R&B, it is all about feelings. The only difference between the two is the music style and the era. Most people love the old school music genre and it gave us the most iconic romance lyrics and dramatic β€˜dancing in the rain’ music videos.

β€œCan We Talk” by Mario: If you want to grab the attention of your crush, blast this song on a boombox outside of their window. Just kidding! However, if you do not know how to approach your crush, play this song. There are no promises that it will work, but it will definitely boost your confidence.

“Differences” by Ginuwine: This song is perfect for when you are with that special person that has changed you for the better. The chorus, β€œMy whole life has changed” expresses the deep love for one another since entering each other’s lives. You may not have been on a good path before, but this person has you feeling like a whole new person. 

β€œLike You” by Bow Wow ft. Ciara: We all know the feeling when we first like someone, aka the β€œpuppy dog stage”. Nothing or no one else seems to matter but this one person, you want to know where they are or what they’re doing. This song makes you feel like you’ll never find anyone as perfect as the person you’re with. 


Alternative music is refreshing and abandons the redundant topics and basic rhythms. While it tends to get overlooked, this genre has many goodies that can fit anyone’s taste, especially the lovers. 

β€œBrown” by Kyle Dion: Have you ever tried to describe the feelings someone gives you as a color? Maybe that color is brown! Dion expresses how his β€˜brown’ makes him feel and how he cannot live without it. If you have anyone in your life that makes you feel Dion’s brown, this is the perfect tune.

β€œEasy” by Mac Ayres: This song has a gentle tone, but the lyrics are still strong. Sometimes love catches you by surprise and you never expected it to be so Easy. There is no doubt this song will make any loved one smile and get a little teary-eyed. It is the perfect way to delicately tell someone just how much they mean to you.

β€œFrozen” by Sabrina Claudio: Claudio is a popular Neo-Soul artist for her soft vocals, yet passionate lyrics. Her music always maintains the balance between bold and tender. She claims her love is so strong that it makes the seasons change.

β€œSweet Blue” by Cleo Sol: Sol’s voice is angelic and light, so her words touch the heart in a rich and delicate way. She expresses her love as a deep, sweet blue and she wishes only good things for her lover.


There are not many rap songs dedicated to romance, but some rappers break out of their tough shell here and there and make music that speaks to the heart.

“High Fashion” by Roddy Rich: If you and your partner share the love of rap music, this might be a great song to express your affection. However, not everyone will find this the most suitable song for the occasion. Either way, if you want to drip your partner out in High Fashion, this is the song for you.

“On Chill” by Wale ft. Jeremiah: This song is perfect for one of those days where you just want to chill around in the presence of your partner. You may have been arguing previously but it has become so tiring that you just want to take a day off and just relax. 

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated through many avenues, why not do it through music? Even if you are not a fan of the holiday, these songs are still amazing nonetheless. Show both you and Spotify playlist some love this holiday!