New Music Monday 04/03: Meet Me on a Better Day

Welcome back, y’all! This week’s New Music Monday has a lot of surprises, some fun debuts, and some beginnings to a whole new era in the game. Enough talking, let’s get onto last week’s hits. 

Dreamville – D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape

THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS PROVIDES!! On Friday we were BLESSED, with a tape from Dreamville titled D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape. The project was composed of tracks, written, produced, and performed by members of the record label β€œDreamville.” The production was great with just as amazing lyricism from everybody. Everyone included in this tape delivered. I really enjoyed this listen.  

Jacques – 7.5/10

Favorite Tracks:  β€œStick,” with JID, J. Cole, Sheck Wes, Kenny Mason, β€œFreedom of Speech,” with J. Cole, β€œHeavens EP,” with J. Cole

Viet – 7.5/10

Favorite Tracks: β€œLifestyle,” with Bas & A$AP Ferg, β€œHair Salon,” with Cozz, G Perico, REASON, β€œNewport,” with Omen, β€œHeavens EP,” with J. Cole, β€œStick,” with JID, J. Cole, Sheck Wes, Kenny Mason

Youngboy Never Broke Again – The Last Slimento Sampler

With the anticipation of Youngboy’s new album The Last Slimento, he dropped 11 of the tracks, calling it The Last Slimento Sampler. Overall this is a very good run with Youngboy discussing his battles, triumphs, and fears regarding the success he has now. Youngboy really shows out and creates a unique experience with 11 songs from his 30 track album. Overall this is a very nice sample and whatever Youngboy does next, it’ll sure make noise. Plus, he disses so many people. Jeez, there’s a whole list if you really think about it.


Favorite Tracks: β€œMr. Grim Reaper,” β€œ4KT Baby,” β€œThe North Bleeding,” β€œNightfall”

Yeat – 2 Alive (Geek Pack)

The rap gods  have blessed us with yet another majestic release. The man, the myth, the legend himself, Yeat, released his album 2 Alive (Geek Pack). In all honesty, it might be the greatest album ever created. The production, the lyricism, the way Yeat creates new words and sounds every time he opens his mouth, it’s all there. No but seriously, the album is great. I love that Yeat has his own sound. It isn’t a new thing for rappers to have their own way of making music, but with most rappers you can always hear a hint of where they got their inspiration from in their songs. I can almost guarantee you that Yeat is the only person who makes music the way he does and that’s perfectly fine because he utilizes his own sound very well.   

Jacques 8/10 (Pray for luh tonka)

Favorite Tracks: β€œ3G.” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, β€œTaliban,” β€œRackz on me,” featuring Gunna

Viet – 7.5/10 (YOU KNOW THE LINE)

Favorite Tracks: β€œBig Tonka” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, β€œWay back,” β€œ3G,” featuring Lil Uzi Vert


Amid the Raptok (Rap TikTok) atmosphere, there was a man by the name of Diz making noise. With his album being teased for the past month we finally got our hands on it. Let me say, as this is my first time listening to any Diz project. This album did not disappoint. It has this very melancholic and hopeful feel to it.  Throughout the album, you can hear Diz really living with his vices as he uses poetic lines to describe the effects of it. Yet, he also describes how he feels like his life could go from these obstacles. In some way, it feels like there’s hope for him to see the other side and wake up in victory. Diz creates a picture of his life and what it means to him at such an early point in his career. Diz is an artist setting up to make big waves and I can’t wait for what he does next.

Viet – 8/10

Favorite Tracks: β€œDrowning in it,” β€œPoint of Madness Reprise,” β€œThe Right Direction,” β€œRest,”

β€œFair Weather”

Tokyo – 8/10

Favorite Tracks: β€œDrowning in it,” β€œPoint of Madness Reprise,” β€œThe Right Direction,” β€œRest,”

β€œFair Weather”

redveil, Sam Truth – β€œbetter”

It’s officially VEIL season. Ahead of his sophomore album, Maryland’s own redveil released the single, β€œbetter” to get us excited. If anything, this track is really made for the spring season as it’s very relaxing, melodic, and upbeat. A song that’s really about overcoming struggles and chasing happiness. With an ambitious chorus that just makes you feel inspired. This song really is a perfect song to get us hyped for the upcoming album. We wait in anticipation.

Viet – 8.5/10

Jacques- 7/10

A$AP Ant, A$AP Rocky – β€œThe God Hour”

Earlier this week we received news that A$AP Ant is going to be releasing his first studio album and for that, he has blessed us with a certified classic. The always iconic A$AP Crew collab again, and with Baltimore’s own A$AP Ant doing what he does best: dropping another banger, with one of the best to do it, fellow A$AP member, A$AP Rocky. This album really has this upbeat and fun feeling to it. As the boys flex their lavish lifestyle with a very Three Six Mafia sampled beat playing in the background. As the bass gets louder, the harder the bars get. This is a perfect anthem to build excitement for Ant’s first album.

Viet – 9/10 (MARINOOOOOO)

Jacques- 9/10

Vince Staples – β€œROSE STREET”

Right after the iconic slap at the Oscars, Vince Staples posted how he felt inspired to drop his new single β€œROSE STREET,” anticipating his new album, β€œRAMONA PARK BROKE MY HEART.” This song is about the struggles of a relationship Staples faced and how he wishes to just have a stable one rather than a toxic one. With Staples only focussing on his career and having no time for the love he’s incapable of feeling. As of right now, he’s in his bag right now, just like with Sprite.

Viet – 7.5/10

Jacques- 7/10

Freddie Gibbs, Rick Ross – β€œIce Cream”

Well, this is an interesting collaboration. Freddie Gibbs and Rick Ross teamed up to release the track, β€œIce Cream.” The production of the track was phenomenal, the beat was very aggressive and had an amazing kick to it. The chemistry between Gibbs and Ross was good. Both killed their individual verses. The lyricism was nothing short of greatness with Freddie going OFF, delivering punchline after punchline. Rick Ross too, he killed his verse. The way he jumped in with aggression in his words really added enjoyment to his track. The song was overall a great listen. 

Jacques – 8/10 

Viet – 7/10


LUCKI has returned with an electrifying song called β€œMEET ME THERE.” This song is very much an out of the world listen, with the chorus being about how LUCKI’s in space and how he wishes for you to meet him there. This song really does feel like you’re in space, thanks to the alien sound effects in the background.  LUCKI has made another banger discussing his success and his vices, and the effect they still have on him. This song has a style that is very interesting and really makes for a fun listen. This leaves me anticipating whatever he does next as LUCKI is about to go on tour. If you’re going to his show in Maryland, please mosh to β€œAll In” for me. If he plays it. 

Viet – 8.5/10

Jacques – 8/10

This concludes this week’s rendition of New Music Monday. Hope y’all enjoyed, β€˜cause we did. Remember to relax, enjoy, explore, but to most importantly, love the music, as life goes on by the beat. Stay safe y’all, peace!

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