Gov. Hogan encourages MDBE to repeal school Mask Mandate

Earlier today, Governor Larry Hogan asked the Maryland State Board of Education (MDBE) to rescind its school mask policy.  

After reviewing COVID numbers, he believes that Maryland is in a secure enough position to lift the mandate. Maryland claims it is one of the states able to emerge from the Omicron variant the fastest, reporting the lowest COVID rate in the country. Our positivity rate dropped from 82% to 5.12% between January’s peak and now, consequently with less than 1,000 hospitalizations. In addition to our high vaccination rate.Β 

Hogan applauds the MDBE for their hard work in keeping students safe, however he believes that there’s a time to move forward. He acknowledges the general and mental health toll that virtual school has taken on students, hence why normalcy should be emphasized. Ending his compliments with β€œwe must all learn to live with this virus, not in fear of it.”

Currently, this does NOT mean that the mask mandate is lifted. The MDBE still has to review and announce their decision. In the meantime, wear your mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated. 

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