Upperclassmen Uncensored: The Superior Zodiac Signs Revealed

What are small things we can do to show some of our favorite teachers some appreciation?

Sofia: Honestly, just tell them!!!!! Verbalize to them how much you enjoy their teaching or their class, and it goes a long, long, way. Teachers are wayyyy too underappreciated. 

Alayna: I totally agree. If you feel awkward telling them in person, send them an email telling them that you appreciate them as a teacher! Also, as an EduCorp, I’ve noticed that teachers really do appreciate their students just being respectful and engaged in their class.

Mandy: Last year, I made Mr. O’Toole a short video just saying he was my favorite teacher and he appreciated it so much he kept asking for more (as a joke), so really, just tell them. They deal with a lot every day so having the knowledge that some of their students appreciate them really means a lot.

If you’re bad at standardized testing, how do you approach things like the psat, sat, or act?/Any SAT studying advice?

Alayna: For the SAT, I’d recommend Khan Academy. It’s a free online study tool and the questions are structured exactly how they are on the SAT, so it gets you used to those types of questions. Lots of colleges have been going β€œtest optional” in the past few years and I don’t see that stopping, so if you know you aren’t a good test taker don’t stress too much, you can always opt to not send in your scores. 

Mandy: Some of the best advice that I can give is to familiarize yourself with the structure of the test and mentally prepare yourself for the length of the test. I’m not a great test taker at all, but knowing what to expect and becoming more comfortable with answering the many questions over all those hours is what I think helped me get the best score I could. But also, going over an SAT prep book and seeing what areas you might be rusty on is helpful just to review.

What are the best places around here to apply for a part-time job?

Alayna: I know a lot of teenagers who work at Dunkin’ Donuts and Target. Both seem cool to work at and I’m pretty sure they’re hiring. 

Sofia: The Dunkin Donuts near Ledo’s pizza is not hiring. I found that out the hard way. (Maybe they’re just not hiring you, Sofia :// jkjkjk -Alayna) (Honestly that could probably be it LOL – Sofia)

Abdoulie: If you can swim, just become a lifeguard.Β Once you get all the certifications done, you will just sit at a pool doing nothing and getting paid.Β Easiest job ever.

Grey: Any fast food joint or snack bar. I’d also say Wholefoods if you’re old enough, since they’ll fire you after 6 months regardless. 

Any tips on how to get a glow up, like a physical glow up not a mental one?

Alayna: Okay disclaimer it is not outer beauty that matters of course but here are some things that have made me feel more confident physically:

Get into a good skincare routine- cetaphil and cerave products are relatively cheap, simple, and good for sensitive skin. (I AGREE THEY’RE LIFESAVERS -Mandy)

Find your personal style- dressing in a way that expresses your personality is key to feeling self confident. There’s a great article on the Beat about how to find your style, check it out for some inspo!

Try out new hairstyles- experimenting with different hairstyles (straight, curly, braids, ponytails, etc) and trying out new colors (with temporary dye) can help you see some cool new options for how you can express yourself.

BE NICE- remember, people are beautiful because their souls are, not their outer appearance. β€œGlowing up” is about figuring out how to express yourself in ways that make you feel confident, it’s not about conforming to societal standards of beauty. Stay kind and stay true to yourself.

Mandy: I think a lot of β€œphysical glow ups” actually come from working on yourself and finding yourself. Once you’re able to be confident in who you are and find ways to express yourself in ways you enjoy, your β€œphysical glow up” just follows. I wouldn’t worry about your looks if possible. It’s not as important as everyone makes out. (If you’re pretty but have a nasty personality, I can guarantee that people talk behind your back and hate you so it’s waaaaay more important to just be kind and true to yourself)

Sofia: I totally agree with Mandy and Alayna about working on yourself internally to improve your external appearance. Confidence goes a long way in your glow ups!!! Once you feel good, you’ll look good, trust.

Reese: I like totes agree with the moral glow up but I ALSO agree with Sofia. CONFIDENCE!! You gotta break outta your shell and feel out what YOU wanna wear. Also if you compare yourself to other people that won’t get you anywhere, look at yourself and just yourself. 

Abdoulie: Eat healthier, exercise, clean your face, get sleep.  Try to have fun as much as you can and stay out of stupid drama and stuff (helps with your mental).

Grey: Become a goth. All goths are hot, this is just a fact. Seriously though, see above. 

Any elective/course recommendations?

Sofia: Journalism. It’s so fun, no bias (Ok, maybe a little), but I love it so much, it’s genuinely my favorite part of school. It’s such a good way to express yourself, because you can write about almost anything, and the environment is sooooo welcoming. I have a lot of friends here and everyone is so supportive of each other, it’s such a good elective to join, even if you don’t necessarily like writing. I also liked Comparative Religion a lot, a super interesting way to learn about different cultures!!!!! Also stats and anatomy are like, STEM electives, but they’re so, so fun, and I don’t even like STEM like that. Anatomy is super hands on and does dissections and stuff, though, so probably not the best for those who are queasy easily. I also really liked Film Studies, I love watching movies and Mr. Kelly is a really fun teacher, who makes things easy to understand, and fun to learn!!!!

Alayna: If you like English, journalism is literally so much fun and you can pretty much write about whatever you want. I’ve heard creative writing is similar in that way as well. AP Human Geography is super fun and interesting too, we literally joke that it’s β€œAP coloring,” but it is an AP, so beware. If you’re into politics, AP Comparative Government and Politics is a great class, you get to learn about six countries and their types of government. Mr. Cain teaches it and he makes it really fun! Blake actually has a tonnnnn of cool electives and a lot of them are AP classes as well, so check out the list of electives on the school website for more options. 

Abdoulie: Take Journalism, AP Macro/Micro, and Video Production.  The classes are great, but what makes the classes even more interesting are the teacher’s in the courses. You won’t regret it.

Viet: Okay, this ones biased to a fault. If you’re into art, writing, and just showcasing any type of artistic talent you have, I really suggest creative writing. Even for people who aren’t into any of that, I really suggest taking it. If anything I see this class as a place to really understand yourself. It really helps you discover things and is a perfect outlet for expressing yourself. It’s really a class filled with so many different perspectives and stories. And when you really get into it, it’s more like a fun community of very interesting people than an actual class.

Grey: That very much depends on you and what you like. Personally, I’d recommend animation, digital or traditional art, or ceramics if you’re interested in creating something. Like Viet said, creative writing is great for any creative types, since you don’t just have to showcase writing. It can be anything you’re okay with sharing, and it’s really fun. I also enjoyed weight training and yoga. Also, obligatory journalism plug. 

What is the superior Zodiac sign? 

Sofia: Gemini suns, duh!!!!!!!!! Ok, blatant favoritism aside, I also love Scorpio and Aries suns!!!!!!!

And Scorpio risings. I love Scorpio risings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LIBRA VENUSES!!!!!!!!! 

Alayna: Aries. Sincerely, an Aries sun and moon <3

Mandy: Taurus. We’re so kind. (Only you are the only decent Taurus. I will forever slander Tauruses – Lauren)

Tokyo: Capricorn. I’m one, that’s all the evidence you need. 

Kat: There’s a reason Beyoncé’s a Virgo.

Lauren: Everyone else is lying, it’s Scorpios.

Viet: Leos, I guess. Self love is very important, for real!

Abdoulie: There’s no reason why Zodiac signs should matter to people.

Indira: This is why you’re single, Abdoulie. 

Reese: Geminis- end of story. (REAL -Sofia)

Grey: Enough about Zodiac signs, how do you arrange your torches in Minecraft when digging tunnels?

Thoughts on Eren Yeager?

Sofia: Ratio, Lucy Heartfilia solos.

Alexa: Woo boy, you’re in for a ride you didn’t ask for. 

Mandy: He’s musty, you should watch Demon Slayer instead.

Alayna: What

Tokyo: Attack on Titan is Mid.

Grey: Attack on Titan is trash.

Viet: He’s a war criminal.

Indira: Tokyo is an incel. 

Is biology hard and is medieval history worth it?

Tokyo: Bio is pretty easy, most of it is just retaining information, it was definitely my favorite science class. I had no idea that medieval history existed, but you should look into if that is something that interests you. You might actually enjoy it πŸ˜€

Sofia: Personally, I thought bio was super easy, but I love bio, it’s the only science I liked, and learning stuff you genuinely enjoy is always easier. As for medieval history, I don’t know, but if you’re interested in it, take a chance and take it!!! 

Viet: Biology is actually pretty easy if you understand it, the only thing is when I took it, my teachers were terrible. So instead of me learning about cells, I was wondering what type of shenanigans she’d pull today. Medieval history is alright if you’re into it. But if you’re not into that then I’d suggest taking a history elective with a more modern take. My most memorable memory in taking that class was falling asleep one day and waking up in the next period with a whole different class.

As a senior, how do you recommend coping with leaving high school soon and entering college in half a year?/Is going off to college scary or intimidating for you?

Sofia: I’m actually super excited!!!!! Very excited to practice new independence, take classes of stuff I am like, actually interested in, meet new people, and just graduate high school in general. It’s always been a goal of mine to go off to college and stuff #FirstGenThings, so I’m really happy to accomplish such a big thing for me. I am a little nervous and stuff, but the good feelings definitely outweigh the bad. It is kind of a bittersweet feeling though; I’m definitely gonna miss Blake, it’s so true when they say high school goes by quick, definitely cherish it while you’re here. As for coping, I think I just try to enjoy my time here to the fullest; participating in spirit weeks and school related activities as much as I can, hanging out with my friends, and just taking the time to create memories and give myself something to look back on when I graduate, you know? 

Grey: I’m not going straight to university right away. I decided that the best option for me was to spend a few months in community college to figure out what exactly I wanted to do and where I wanted to be, both literally and mentally. It’s completely normal to be afraid, uncertain, or just generally anxious about college. It’s a huge step, and it requires a lot out of you. Besides that, I completely agree with Sofia. Enjoy high school while you still can, because it’s a very short 4 years. Spend time with your friends, participate in school activities, make memories! 

Viet: It’s pretty crazy just from the fact that you didn’t really think it’d be so quick. So, from the fact that time changes you kind of just have to go with the flow. It’s like a wave, either you can sink from all the pressure or float with the waves. There’s a coming realization that you’ll be older and there comes a bigger responsibility on you when you leave. But it also means a lot more opportunities are in store for your future. I’d say just enjoy everyday, when I was a freshman. I lived by the mentality of living everyday like an adventure. Just enjoy what you can, if the days are not interesting, then make it interesting. And if some days you can’t just do it, it’s alright. I think it’s better to let everything out before you go. Enjoy what you can and just remember to take care of yourself. It’s pretty scary to get old but it’s scarier to spend all that time with regret.

How do you deal with overwhelming anxiety attacks during school hours? In general, is trying to balance out mental health with school life possible?

Lauren: Sometimes if I’m having a panic/anxiety attack at school, I would go to the bathroom or counseling office to find some quiet and peace. Though the counselors aren’t really there to help us with our mental health (to the extent we need) they will still allow you to use the quiet spaces in the counseling offices. I would also recommend asking for therapy.

Grey: Yes, it absolutely is possible. Having a school-life balance is something you need to figure out for yourself, since different people need different things. That doesn’t mean you need to figure everything out on your own, like I tried to do. Talking to your counselor and just telling them what’s up is a good place to start, especially if you aren’t as comfortable with telling your parents. It’s part of their job to make sure you feel comfortable in school and have what you need to succeed. More than anything else, it’s nice to remember that you don’t have to push yourself too much, and recognizing when you’re burnt out and need a break to recuperate is a great skill to have. That doesn’t mean you can be a slacker and not try like I used to, but you’re not made of rubber. You can’t stretch yourself thin trying to do too much. 

Sofia: I think it is. From my experience, different things work for different people and I think in order to find a way to balance mental health and school, I think you need to figure out what exactly that is for you. For me, I do try to push myself to do the best, but ultimately, I know that like, even if I try my best, sometimes it won’t be enough, but knowing that I did all that I could is enough for me. I think placing high expectations for myself really screwed my mental over; I think we should remember to be kind to ourselves and be proud of doing our best!!!!! Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to go all out for school. For anxiety attacks, ngl I just cry in the bathroom (My anxiety attacks come in the form of crying). I just be crying for real. I think I have been in this school long enough that I just don’t care anymore, like if I gotta cry, I gotta cry. But also for me, I think just grounding myself is really important: Breathing in and out, reassuring myself that it will be okay, that it’s not the end of the world, grounding myself, and doing my best to pull myself out of this state, are what I do. I also try to do things that distract me from my anxiety, eg music, Youtube, and try to get my mind off it and what not.

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