Our Guide to a Lovely Virtual Valentine’s Day

Though Valentine’s Day is around the corner, this year it might not be the best idea to spend time with that special someone. If you don’t know what to do for/with your valentine, we’ve got you covered. Here is our guide to having a successful virtual Valentine’s Day: 

The safest way to interact with your significant other this holiday is through video calling. You will be able to see your friends/loved one without having to leave the comfort of your own house. There are also many activities that can be done over FaceTime. 

Romantic Virtual Dinner – You and your significant other can order each other a surprise meal from a delivery service. To set the mood, decorate your eating space with candles and nice lighting. Don’t forget the flowers! You could also dress up to make it feel like a real date.

Movie Marathon – Have someone share their Zoom screen and put on your favorite movies. If you guys have that special movie, even better! Make sure to stock up on snacks. You can also try to have a Netflix watch party.

Karaoke Night – If you are a bit more comfortable with your loved one, try to show off your singing skills. Sing  your favorite songs or the song that makes you think of each other over a video chat. You could even use the songs as background music to just talk to each other. 

Gaming Night – For all you gamers out there, gaming with the one you love is a good way to bond with them. Turn on your favorite video games or if you don’t know what to play go to backyard.co for there will be a variety of games to choose from. If you’re hardcore gamers, hop on your favorite multiplayer game and have your characters meet up for an in-game date.

Art and Baking – To put your creativity to the test try making something virtually with your valentine. That could be looking up recipes online and trying to make them together or doing an art project of your choice. With a bit of competition added, your night will be filled with a lot of memorable moments. You and your valentine can grab your paintbrushes and paint to make each other something special and show each other the final product. Even if you’re not the best at art it could still be a fun experience for you both.

Sadly, this year we can’t go out and do something special like usual, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to make the most out of this Valentine’s Day. If these activities are done with true admiration and love for each other, then there is no reason why this year should be a flop. 

If you do use one of our suggestions, take a picture and tag our instagram @blakebeatnews. Have a happy Valentine’s Day.