How to Create Your Style

Just in high school, I’ve been compared to Gonzo, a Fraggle, a cartoon character, a workout instructor from the 80’s (my personal favorite), etc… So needless to say I have a VERY specific style. You will NEVER catch me wearing all black. But, it did take me awhile to get here, so I’ve curated some advice that I wish I heard in my pre teen years:  

  1. Make mental notes of things you wanna wear based on what you see 

See a person wearing something you like? Remember it! Or better yet ask them where they got it. They’ll most likely appreciate the compliment and now you have another item to add to your closet! It’s a win win. 

  1. Pinterest is your best friend 

As an avid Pinterest user, I have hundreds of outfits saved. So, if I’m out looking for clothes (mostly at thrift stores) a lot of the time I’ll check my silly lil board, full of silly lil clothes to keep an eye out or actively look for things I’d wanna wear that I remember pinning. A ton of my dream clothes are on pinterest so it’s nice always having a reference to go. 

  1. Don’t buy something that is β€œgood enough”, make sure you’ll actually wear it. 

Look, you can go ahead and buy a shirt you like β€œenough”, but that won’t help you create your style (or save your money). There are so many shirts that I’ve given away cause they were β€œgood enough” and I only wore them once. A good rule of thumb is if you have a shopping cart full of clothes, close your eyes and imagine it and anything you didn’t remember you had, it’s not worth buying.


I get it, it can be super scary to express yourself. But you’ll never feel truly comfortable WITH yourself if you don’t wear what you want to. Put yourself out there! In middle school I was made fun of a handful of times for my clothes, but to be honest I wouldn’t change what I wore. Sure it stung then, but I wouldn’t be so sure and comfortable in what I wear if it wasn’t for my patterned leggings phase. I now have a better grasp of colors and what looks good on me, something that I would still be finding now if it wasn’t for my insane 13 year old closet. You might hate an outfit you wore looking back on it, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means you’ve changed your style. And that’s ok!! No one is holding what you wear against you. 

  1. You won’t get anywhere if you make fun of other people

Ok, this one isn’t really gonna help your closet, but just as you’re trying to express yourself so are others! Don’t be mean to people when they’re tryna figure out what they like. It literally doesn’t matter if someones β€œbasic”, they like what they like and you like what you like. It’s not a competition!

And with that, have fun! There’s no rush to have a perfect wardrobe at any point. And more importantly don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t follow # 5, their opinion isn’t worth listening to.

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