To Be Honest #3

What should I do to relieve myself of school stress? By Brenden and Maame

You should take some time to relax every day. If you have a lot of homework, take a five-minute break and just go outside to get some fresh air. Also, 30 minutes before you go to bed, turn off your phone so your brain can shift from an active state to a relaxed one. Take deep breaths whenever you feel like the stress is getting to you, and try some positive affirmations. Moreover, it is great to pick up a recreational hobby that gives you an opportunity to relieve your stress in a productive fashion. 

Prevention is better than a cure; figure out what your top stressors are and try your best to either avoid them or manage the pressure they bring. School should be a priority as a student, but your personal life and mental health are just as important as a human.

How do you choose a career? By Maame

Although I am not entirely certain what I want to do for a career, going through high school helped me weed out potential careers I knew I would not want to do. About 70% of undergraduate students change their majors, so do not feel pressured to have a definite career in mind when applying and matriculating. I would say, however, to get as much experience doing a variety of things before you attend a post-secondary institution or enter the workforce. When you get the chance to actually see and feel what it is like to work in a certain environment or field, you can more easily identify your interests.

Personally, watching medical students share their journeys, reading medical-related articles, taking various science classes, and listening to career day presentations were my motivators to explore medical/health professions.

Also, taking Child Development as a sophomore made me realize how amazing children are and gave me a better understanding of the daily tasks of educators, which opened me up to the idea of becoming a primary school teacher. Take advantage of the school’s various course selections and the local opportunities available to you.

Are you ready to leave school and do bigger things in life? Are you scared? By Josie

I am definitely ready to leave high school and move onto college. It is a bit nerve-wracking because I will not have my parents or teachers to guide me or hold my hand; I will have to find my way on my own. But, I am excited to actually take classes that are directed towards my goals and dreams and ultimately experience a different side of life that I have yet to see.