To Be Honest #2

How do you manage everything from Homework to sports to getting ready for college? Brenden

I am now one of the managers for the JV basketball team, so this is very relevant for me. I had a conversation with my cousin about this and he offered me helpful advice that helped me get back on track. He said to make a checklist at the beginning of each week, including any upcoming projects for the month. After I completed each task, I would check it off, which keeps me organized. Using this strategy, I brought all of my grades up and now have had a better time in school.

Why do we have block days? They suck. Maame

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to block days. I think it depends on what classes you take and how your teachers decide to use the 90 minutes. As a freshmen, block days were the longest, most unbearable two days of my week; I haven’t taken my regular period days for granted since then. However, as I got older, I realized block days were the perfect time to have interesting labs in science class or watch long movies in social studies. Block days also gives you a chance to wear your most comfortable outfit because you’re only going to four classes, and you’re going to be sitting down for a while. Let’s not forget that you can take advantage of not having your odd periods for a day, meaning you have one night and a whole day to get work done. My biggest advice is to take situations that are not the best and make them better. Find the positive in things out of your control, like block days. Yes, sitting in one class is boring, especially if you have a boring teacher that only wants to have a lecture. But, you have more time to do work, you get the chance to do fun activities that can’t be done in a regular period, and you get some variation in your school day.

When is the right time to lose your virginity? Josie

The best time to lose your virginity is when you’re absolutely ready. Do not let the other person peer pressure you or dictate when you’re ready just because they are. Also, be positive on the person you want to lose it with. Don’t take for granted a sacred moment for the simple fact that your β€œin the moment”. Make sure this a person who respects you and your body.

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