Thriller OT Win: Blake Football Recaps on Last Week’s Game

At the Sherwood game last Friday, senior quarterback Isaiah Smith scored the winning two point conversion during overtime, making Blake’s record 2-0.

After Sherwood took to social media, posting inflammatory videos, Blake students and players became increasingly driven to beat their long-time rivals. β€œWe were already motivated to beat them, but it added some gasoline to the fire,” says and football coach DeShawn Anderson

Security Assistant and Coach Bryon Marshall adds, β€œI think Sherwood poked a bear when they put [those videos] out.”

Despite a rough start with Sherwood leading 7-0, Blake managed to catch up before halftime, scoring a touchdown, making it 7-6, as Smith missed the extra point.. However, during the fourth quarter, wide receiver junior TJ Kallay blocked a punt and tied the game on a two-point conversion, causing the game to go into overtime with Blake coming out victorious. β€œWhen we were in overtime, all eyes were on me because if I didn’t get the two-point conversion, it would have been my fault,” says Smith. 

Also drumming up excitement and school spirit was a contest held by local social media sensation, 2kforbes, to see which Maryland high schools’ games he would attend and post about that week. While 2k himself was not present at Friday’s game, the match received enough buzz for 2k’s collaborator Andi Wenck to attend and record clips. In the finished, posted edit, sophomore left guard and defense end Christian Piedrahita can be seen saying, β€œYou play with pride. You never give up. Play with your heart.” 

β€œMy mom always tells me play with [my] heart, no matter if [we] win or lose,” Piedrahita says. β€œPride is the main thing for me and my boys.”

The team’s third game is this Friday against Watkins Mill: a game with 2kforbes visiting and in the running for ABC7 Game of the Week title. The boys are eager to continue their winning streak. β€œThey’ve been working really hard all winter and all summer just to get ready for this season,” says Coach Anderson. β€œWe’re trying to prove ourselves as a school, as a community, and definitely as a football program.”