Hear the Angels Sing

Video of A Capella rehearsal taken by Chardai Ford

Blake’s top tier choir group is back at it again. Last year, A Capella performed in a national competition, and since then, they’ve had students and staff anticipating their next chance to shine. 

The Zinkievich-run choir consists of Bengals with advanced knowledge of music theory, who had to audition to be considered for the class. Small but powerful, each individual must be on top of learning and perfecting their music. 

In preparation for their β€œHolidays in Harmony” performance at Strathmore on November 30th, A Cappella learns, practices, and sharpens several songs a day. Junior A Cappella member Joshua Mims explains, β€œEveryone has to be on their A-game because if not, it affects the group as a whole.”  

Being in A Cappella isn’t merely singing. Every day, they form and strengthen their relationships with one another. β€œIt’s like a family,” Jillian Kabik exclaimed. β€œEveryone in the class is my friend, and it’s like a small community.” 

Although it may be time-consuming, being in A Cappella is an amazing experience for anyone who is passionate about singing and who would like to strengthen their music skills. When asked what advice he’d give to Bengals who are aspiring to join the team, Mason Minus shared, 

β€œIt’s given me my love of singing back. It’s awesome, but it’s also a lot of work.”

The Blake family is truly so proud of our musical leaders and the extensive work they put forth into not only their music, but their school work.Β  Please don’t hesitate to go watch them perform at Strathmore in November. Check out the link below for ticket information They won’t disappoint!Β Β