The Ski Mask the Slump God Concert Review

Stokeley Goulbourne, professionally known as Ski Mask the Slump God, performed at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland on December 7th, 2019. Goulbourne was on THE STOKELEY TOUR, bringing other Florida natives like Pouya and Danny Towers, as well close friend and producer, DJ Scheme. 

Goulbourne is a 23-year-old Florida based rapper. Known for his unique sound, Goulbourne’s music contains playful rhymes, weird flows, and consistent head-banging energy.

In 2015, Ski Mask the Slump God joined the late Jahseh Onfroy, forming rap collective β€œMembers Only”. They released their short 7 track mixtape,  Members Only Vol.1 and caught attention quickly. This group soon expanded with rappers like Wifisfuneral and Craig Xen.

Goulbourne and Onfroy worked together on songs like β€œTAKE A STEP BACK” and β€œRIP ROACH”. The two Florida born rappers created names for themselves, and continued to drop songs together. 

After waiting in line eager to see the performance, I was finally in the venue. Because it was my first time at the Fillmore, I didn’t know what to expect. The room was smaller than I had expected, but this meant I would be closer to the stage. 

The first to perform was Kevin Pouya. He had the crowd hyped, even those who didn’t know his songs were jumping and shouting. After he had finished with his songs, Danny Towers performed next. 

When the time came for Goulbourne to perform his music, the crowd was exhilarated. He had disappeared to the back, doing God knows what. The crowd started chanting β€œWe want Ski!” until he finally came out. 

While the music that filled the room was powerful, the violent visuals that were displayed on the back of the stage were cool too. Seeing the Chucky doll 

The energy during the performance was unmatched. The songs he played had the crowd chanting all of the lyrics. His live sound matched exactly how I was used to hearing him. While he performed many songs off his STOKELEY album, he also played many of his older tracks like β€œLife is Short” and β€œBabyWipe”. As expected, he paid tribute to his late friend, Jahseh Onfroy, performing songs like β€œJocelyn Flores” and ”Hope”. 

While the crowd went nuts, it was common for people to be squashed by others. DJ Scheme, who’s real name is Gabe Guerra, had to stop the show a few times, gaining attention to the people that had been swallowed by the hectic crowd, left unable to get up.

In conclusion, the concert was great. It was exciting being surrounded by people who were fans of the same artists. The tickets were well worth it, and I’m looking forward to him touring nearby again.

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