The Semi-Finalist Game; Are You Going?

With the state semi-final football game being this Friday, there’s been some talk about whether having the game during a holiday break for students is a good idea. Here are some pros and cons to help with the decision-making process (even though you should totally go no matter what!). 

Let’s start with the positives: the game starts at 2:00 P.M. which allows for some Friday night activities since it won’t end so late! With Blake getting this far in the playoffs, the schedule for the games may be a little inconvenient as games could possibly take place on Saturdays but thankfully, this game does not, which frees the entire weekend so you can spend time with your loved ones. Lastly, the weather will be better than it normally would at a 7:00 P.M. game, with temperatures at around 50 degrees during the day instead of 40’s and high 30’s once the sun goes down. 

          However, there are some major drawbacks. First and foremost, many students and staff may be traveling and/or having family over for the weekend which could prevent them from attending the game. What this means for us is that there will be a significant decline in students and parents, which in turn will lead to a less lively environment and less fun for everyone–and a less intimidating atmosphere for North Point to travel into. Additionally, halftime will not be as entertaining as many students in the Poms and Marching Band will not be able to participate. 

    Even though the game might not have the same attendance and atmosphere as a Sherwood or PB game, the semifinalist is a game for the history books so if you have a chance, be sure to support our Blake Bengals this Friday!