Homecoming: Bengals Take on the Rams

On Friday, November 1, Blake will take on Rockville for a thrilling and memorable Homecoming Game. This game may be one of the fullest, being both the homecoming game and senior night. Families are coming out for seniors on the football team, marching band, cheer, and poms! 

Blake football enters the game with a whopping 5-3 record! For the past few years, the scores for homecoming games have fluctuated. In the 2017-18 school year, they took on Northwood and won 56-0. Last school year they took on Churchill; it was an intense game with a score of 20-39. 

For many of these players, this is their last high school homecoming game. The excitement of the game is only built up even more because of the events throughout the week that lead up to the game.

Senior Cyrus Wilson has high hopes for this year’s homecoming game, especially because it is his last one. He says, β€œHopefully we get a win and the team comes out and plays hard. Especially our seniors because it’s going to be our last home game in the regular season.”

Our Bengals anticipate this game going very well. Senior Isaiah Smith says β€œI feel like it’s going to be a good game, but I feel like my team can [pull it out] because we’ve been in bigger games than just playing Rockville.”

Wilson says, β€œI’m definitely going to miss these games after high school. . .  in high school you know everyone and you get to see the same people on Mondays or after school.” He continues,  β€œIt’s fun playing in front of people that you’re friends with” 

Not all of the players are going to continue football after high school, so this game means a lot.  Smith says, β€œI’m going to miss these games because you don’t know when you’re going to play again.”

With it being Homecoming week and dance the next day, the buzz only builds the player’s excitement for the actual game. Wilson says that the week of homecoming only makes everything better, β€œEspecially with the powder puff game and the pep rally, it really builds up the school moral.”

After an intense game, the players plan to unwind at the dance the next evening and they’re elated. Senior Sabionn Adams says, β€œSince we’re seniors now, and it’s our last homecoming week I’m really looking forward to it.” 

Smith shares the enthusiasm. β€œHomecoming week is very exciting and gets us hype for the game, all the excitement around the school just gets us hype,” he adds.

These players use their friends, family, and future as a huge motivation to keep pushing even harder every game. Adams said, β€œBasically, every game and every week I just think about my future and how much I love the game and that keeps me going.”

 Wilson uses his past wins as a motivation, β€œWinning is the best feeling, and it feels a lot worse to lose than it feels good to win.”

 This game will determine who we will play during the playoffs. These Bengals have worked hard throughout this season and they’re definitely looking forward to this game. Good Luck Bengals!