Bengals Prepare to Pounce on Panthers

The Blake vs. Paint Branch football game is right around the corner, and this time, we’re ready! For the past four years, Paint Branch has beaten Blake. Considering both teams have been doing well this season and enter the contest with a 4-1 record, the upcoming game should be intense.

 Having put in lots of practice, football players express their confidence. Junior Kameron Davis says, β€œI think we’re going to do [well] this week, especially because we have a short week. Thursday, we’re going to run through plays and check out films.” Junior Ben Holomah, however, doesn’t have much confidence in the game Friday, but does mention that the team has been learning new plays.

Similar to Blake, Paint Branch feels very self-assured, even the JV Team, Paint Branch freshman Donovan Stewart says β€œWe’re gonna crush them!”

Varsity Football Coach DeShawn Anderson describes both this Friday’s mounting pressure and his great anticipation.β€œMost of the kids from the other school know our kids and vice versa,” he says, β€œthose relationships make the game more intense and require us to maintain more emotional control.”

Anderson’s ambition and positive attitude towards the game have definitely influenced his players. Anderson mentions, β€œOur goals are [to]the win every Friday regardless of whom we are playing.” His advice goes a long way, something demonstrated by his team. 

Junior Kameron Davis expresses he doesn’t let any losses get him down. Instead, he uses them as lessons to give him more drive for the next game. He says, β€œWe just have to take it one week at a time, we can’t dwell on the losses.” 

Our Bengals have their game faces on and are ready to take on Paint Branch this week. All this confidence and determination will get the team far! Good luck tonight Bengals!