Stung By the Swarm

Andrea Greene and the lengths she’ll go to to protect her idol’s image is insane. In this new series Swarm, we are met with an (obsessive) teenage fan, a kind, sensitive, and misunderstood soul. 

Andrea (who goes by Dre), lives with her sister, Marrissa, and they bond over their obsession with pop star Ni’Jah. Unfortunately Marrissa commits suicide, and thats when we begin to see Dre descend deeper into her infatuation and go down a darker path. Dre is a part of this fan base on twitter for Ni’Jah called β€œThe Swarm.” The swarm would do anything for Ni’Jah, anything. Dre though will go to extreme lengths. Including murder.

I absolutely loved everything about this show. I think this show might even be one of the best shows of 2023 so far. The acting, the script, the plot, everything about this show I love. Swarm is sorta similar to You, but more gory. I feel like they both share similarities since their characters are serial killers. They’re both always on the move and they both have… β€œpreoccupations”. 

We don’t really learn much about Dre’s past in Swarm. The show alludes to a possibly soiled history, but we don’t really get confirmation. This just adds into the fascinating psychological history of Dre. 

Dominique Fishback, the actress who plays Dre, did a phenomenal job. I think this will be Fishback’s breakthrough role because of how she carries the character. The way she portrayed Dre, an obsessive, young adult who transforms into a serial killer.

The originality, the acting, the horror, the craziness, and goriness, makes this show what it is. It’s perfect. Especially because Swarm is inspired by events with Beyonce in 2016. Overall, it was a very interesting show. I hope if there’s a season two we see Dre get caught for her consequences. Swarm is streaming on Prime video. You mess with the queen bee and you get stung by the swarm.