Stats & Stripes 11/25

$350,000,000Frozen II’s weekend box office gross worldwide. I cried four times while watching this movie. 

35,000—Number of square feet in the new Chicago Starbucks Roastery, their largest store yet. 

80%—Amount of koala habitat the Australia Koala Foundation (AKF) says the marsupials lost as a result of extreme bushfires driven by climate change. The AKF claims that koalas are now β€œfunctionally extinct,” though this is widely disputed. 

42—Number of students charged with disorderly conduct after around 150 students stormed the field at the long-awaited Harvard-Yale game played Nov. 23 at Yale. The students were demonstrating to call attention to several issues, namely climate change, economic assistance for Puerto Rico, and discriminatory political policies in China. Yale defeated Harvard 50-43.

17—Number of days until the UK Parliamentary elections. Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson has called these elections in an effort to boost the number of Conservative Members of Parliament (MPs) in the House of Commons so that he may push through laws with greater ease. Whomever becomes the new PM and whichever party gains a majority in the House of Commons, a final Brexit deal will have to be ratified before the new Jan. 31 deadline (this being the UK’s third Brexit extension). Currently, multiple news sites report that the Conservatives are leading the polls.

6 Months—Duration of Hong Kong protests. The police have arrested more than 4,000 people, but more than a million have demonstrated. The protests were initiated by pro-democracy groups who were against an extradition bill that would have meant those arrested in Hong Kong would be sent to mainland China for trials. The bill has since been suspended. The impetus behind protests has now been shifted to combatting authoritarianism and police brutality as well as ensuring equality for all citizens. Clashes between pro-democracy groups, the police, and pro-government groups continue to rage. Check the Blake Beat website soon for a story on how these protests are affecting students at Blake.

3—Number of days until the Westminster dog show. Which breed are you rooting for? Comment below!

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