Stats & Stripes 6/2

  • $1

According to Bethesda Magazine, ride-on prices could possibly go down to $1 this summer beginning in July

  • $4.67

The new national average for a gallon of gas has risen to $4.67. With sanctions against Russia, gas prices in all of America have gone up dramatically.Β 

  • 14

Real Madrid won their 14th championship in the UEFA champions league, beating Liverpool 1-0 last Saturday. 

  • 18 

UMD Men’s Lacrosse had 18 wins and 0 losses this season, setting an NCAA record. Also in the past 2 seasons, they have a record of 33-1.Β 

  • 518

According to the New York Times, there have been 518 confirmed Covid-19 in Montgomery County as of yesterday (5/31) with the 7-day average being 357 cases.

  • 85Β°

Mr. Golden Sun decided to come out to play as the average temperature for this coming week seems to be at a solid 85. 

  • 295,000

Kendrick Lamar’s newest project is associated with large numbers after selling 295,000 copies in its first week

  • $6.3 BillionΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

The Montgomery County Council approved a $6.3 billion operating budget, saying, β€œIt continues to support efforts undertaken during the pandemic to help the county’s most vulnerable residents.”

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