Maryland State Board of Education Increases the Health Credit Requirement

Starting with the class of 2025, the health requirement will change from half a credit to one full credit. This means that students will be required to take health for one school year instead of a semester. The Maryland State Board of Education finalized this decision on Mar. 30 of this year, but this adjustment has been discussed as early as May of 2021.

Following this change, the development of a new Health Education B class which will follow the current Health Education A class is also in the works. Training for the courses will be provided for MCPS health teachers this summer, and students have the option to take Health Education A during the summer, before taking Health Education B in the fall.

These courses will no longer have on-level versions, as they are now offered as honors-level classes in every high school.

β€œI’m kind of in the middle,” admits Ms. DiMonte, Blake’s P.E. resource teacher. β€œI agree with the content of Health B–I feel like Health A could go to 8th [grade] because some of the other topics [from Health A] are a little outdated for where high schoolers are maturity-wise now. But, I am not sure that you need a whole new semester of it.”

The Health Education B class will allow students to expand their knowledge on self-management, decision-making, socio-cultural and political factors, and other health literacy skills. The course also goes through other health concepts that relate to mental and emotional health and the prevention of substance abuse, disease, and violence.

β€œI think the new topics give [students] a larger global view of additional issues. That’s what I think is great,” finishes Ms. DiMonte.

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