Stats and Stripes 10/29

104:1: ratio of results for the survey on our Blake Beat Instagram poll asking followers who they would vote for in the 2020 election if they were able to. Biden took the lead with 104 votes.Β 1 person said they would vote for Trump if they could.

9 out of 21: Students responded to a different Instagram poll answering that racism was the issue they were most interested in hearing about from the candidates. The runner ups were immigration and abortion.Β 

5 days: until the 2020 election! Do your part and vote! 

2 days: until Halloween! Stay safe and check out our upcoming stories for the holiday!

8/24 people: voted for Kit Kats in yet another poll asking what their favorite Halloween candy was. Reese’s received 4 votes, and M&Ms and Nerds received one each.Β 

7.625 million streams: for Ariana Grande’s first released song for her album Positions, with the entire album coming out on Friday, Oct. 30.Β 

2 days: off next week for professional day and the election. The normal asynchronous Wednesday schedule will be moved to Monday.