Stats and Stripes 1/25

  • 16 Schools that closed this past week

MCPS schools, such as Paint Branch and Briggs Chaney, close temporarily for COVID relief.

  • 91 school days in the second semester

With 91 days in the second semester (as long as more aren’t added from snow days), there are only 91 days left in the school year.

  • 5 statements issued by MCPS about violence or threats of violence this school year

Including the horrible incident at Magruder this past week, MCPS has commented on the influx of violence this school year. With these and a combination of flimsy COVID-19 regulations, the safety at MCPS schools should be called into question.

  • 94%

94% of teachers supported the no-confidence resolution against the standing superintendent.

  • 9 degrees

The lowest temperature this week in degrees Fahrenheit; temperatures keep getting lower and lower.

  • 79 episodes of Attack on Titan

The episode number of Attack on Titan that came out this Sunday; AOT and Demon Slayer are two of the most popular anime coming out with new weekly episodes right now.

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