Stats and Stripes 4/19

  • 38 days until the last day for seniors

The last day for MCPS seniors is May 27! Just a lil bit longer to go Blake seniors!

  • $43 billion

Elon Musk gave the offer of $43 billion dollars to take over Twitter.

  • 9 game-streak

The Washington Capitals broke the Colorado Avalanche’s 9-game streak with a score of 3-2 yesterday. Marcus Johansson scored the winning shot midway through the third period.

  • 9 episodes

Stranger Things season 4 is set to premiere on May 27, with 9 new episodes coming out over time.

  • 4.45 GPA average

Because of acceptance in colleges last year, UMD College Park has made their acceptance much more difficult. The average GPA among admitted students is 4.45, and they only have 4,500 spots available for the incoming freshmen class.

  • 1,000 scientists

More than 1000 scientists are participating in a week-long protest against climate change.

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