Is the Mugshot Trend a Serious Offense?

During this extended break, teens have resorted to some interesting means to keep themselves entertained. Among the recent wild trends from social media, one has caught the attention of many, and some not for the right reasons.

The mugshot trend has appeared on almost every social media platform. In the trend, users create a video of them doing their makeup as if they’ve been beaten up, and then take pictures or β€œmugshots” of themselves. Some well-known social media influencers, such as James Charles and Loren Gray, have taken part in this trend as well.

Although this trend brought out creativity from several users, especially in the makeup community, for others, it has greater meaning beyond fun and games. 

Those who have experienced serious violent encounters, especially in positions of domestic violence, have not been happy to see users β€œpretending” to be seriously injured. The comment sections of these posts tell it all: personal stories of violence, lectures on the severity of the topic, and all around disapproval. Some claim that the images of bruises have triggered them, bringing back horrible memories.

But, makeup has been used to express several different meanings, and supporting users of the trend argue it is just another means of showing off one’s skill. The intent wasn’t to belittle anyone’s situation; from fight videos to looks like these, the internet has always been intrigued by the drama surrounding violence. 

Social media, also, isn’t the only place where violence is prevalent. TV shows, music, and even movies meant for younger audiences have some sort of scuffle or violence reference. To users, it wouldn’t seem like such a big deal to introduce something already unfortunately inevitable. 

That’s not to say that those who dislike this trend are unreasonable. Their emotions are as valid as anyone’s. As a serious and touchy subject, this isn’t another case of internet sensitivity. The degrading and arguing doesn’t do anyone any good.

In any situation, not everyone is going to be pleased. Someone is going to criticize what you post, someone is going to be offended, and someone else is going to love what you are doing. Apart from the obvious no-no’s of the internet, finding a common ground is the best way to get past disagreements like such. 

Yes, the mugshot trend may be offending to some, but just like with any other trend, it won’t last forever. While the intent was simply to find another trendy way to entertain, it is just as important for all feelings to be validated, and acknowledge there isn’t only one side to the story.