Bengals Race to Virginia

The track team traveled to Liberty University for the Virginia showcase, January 17. Despite facing nationally-ranked teams, the Bengals did not shy away from the competition. 

With two runners placing relatively high, senior Serena Harris placed 21 in the girl’s 500-meter dash while junior Joshua Mims placed 58 in the 300-meter dash. Over 2,000 athletes from 10 different states attended this event; and even though not all our Bengals placed high, a lot of them beat their own personal record for their event.

Junior Mason Minus expresses his experience surrounded by elite competition. β€œIt pushed me to run my fastest 800-meter time,” Minus says. β€œI got [a] newfound confidence that I can carry into the next chapter of my track career.” 

The meet did not only spark athletic improvement but also brought the team closer. Minus adds, β€œIt was extremely great to form closer bonds with my teammates because we were in the same place for long periods of time.” 

Not many sports teams at Blake, or even Montgomery County, get the opportunity to be lodged in a different state for an event of this caliber. The Bengals made the most of their opportunity and represented Blake well.

The Bengals have had a strong start to the season so far. They have competed in seven meets so far and had top finishers in most events. The most consistent runners have been: senior Serena Harris, junior Joshua Mims, junior Mason Minus, and senior Derek Martin.

Minus looks to break two minutes on his 800-meter run, but he also keeps the team in mind, as he states that they will look to turn up the intensity as it prepares for postseason meets. 

Both teams look to qualify for the State Championship as they have regionals around the corner. We wish the best of luck to our runners and look to punch our ticket to the state championship.

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