PDA More Like PD-NAY

School administration has cracked down on many things throughout the school year, but one thing they have been lenient on is excessive hallway PDA. 

The official definition of Public Display of Affection, PDA, is the term used to describe any form of physical contact between couples in a public setting. It includes everything from kissing and cuddling to holding hands or exchanging light touches, so of course, that is quite difficult to avoid if you would like to show affection to your partner in public, but where is the line drawn between when it is just showing affection and when it’s considered excessive PDA?

For starters, let us just clarify what exactly are instances of innocent couple affection and what is excessive:

Showing affection:

  • Holding Hands
  • Cuddling
  • Light touches(unless done inappropriately)
  • A simple/quick kiss or peck on the lips or cheek

Excessive PDA:

Although some may argue that people have an issue with PDA due to jealousy, It’s simply just distracting in a school setting and unappealing to see. It is very understandable that students are in relationships. It is high school after all, but not everything should be done at school; some things are meant to be done in more private settings.

The issue is not the PDA in general but the level of it that is being shown. Two students holding hands in the hallway as a couple or as friends should not be considered PDA, given the fact that it is not disrupting anyone’s day.

The explicit PDA and the everyday norm PDA should not be in the same boat at all. Although the people who participate in PDA would not necessarily consider their actions inappropriate, it in fact is. PDA is excessive, makes students late to class because they are busy doing other things, and it is not at all a pleasing sight to see when you are just trying to get to class on time.

Students should be morally conscious of what they are doing and know when they should filter themselves. If it is something you would not do in front of your parents, why do it in front of your peers and teachers? Why not go somewhere private or wait until after school? If there were consequences like detentions for showing excessive PDA in the halls would students be more conscious of their actions; they most likely would, why would they want to get in trouble for something so simple that you can wait to do later?

 While PDA  definitely does not need to be taken as far as making rules or enforcing unnecessary consequences, it is definitely something that you can control yourself. Take the time and think, is it really necessary right now? It will make everything easier and keep the administration, staff, and your peers a lot happier.