Visions Of Our Community

The Visions Of Our Community, a photography contest for middle and high school students, has announced this year’s winners for their photo contest. Two of Blake’s own students, senior Joseph Lee and junior Devin Anderson won.

The purpose of the contest is to give people the opportunity to showcase their diverse community, all through the eyes of its youth. It is very important that we recognize the teacher who made this possible for these students, Digital & Darkroom Photo and AP – 2D teacher Melisa Mathews. Each student in Digital & Darkroom Photography teacher Ms. Matthews’s class was required to submit a photo to the contest for a grade.

Lee says, β€œWe submitted the photos in December so I completely forgot about it.” The students who entered were given an opportunity to win a cash prize. The photos were then reviewed by a panel of judges. He adds, β€œI was really surprised about winning because it was just a photo I took for fun.”

The theme for the contest this year was Community, and separate awards were given to each category:

  • Friends, family or other important people in your life
  • School, church, sports, hobbies or other group activities
  • The natural world or landscapes
  • Activities that serve others, advocate for change or develop a business
  • Traditions, foods or celebrations
  • Home, neighborhood or favorite places to hang out. 
photo by Devin Anderson

 Lee won the award for the natural world landscapes and Anderson won the award for friends, family, or other important people in your life.

Their photos exhibit case creativity and individuality; they definitely made it their own. An amazing story is told through each photograph that was selected and the pieces are beautiful and appealing to look at. One can tell they were inspired by the subjects of the photographs before they took them.

The Blake Beat congratulates Joseph Lee and Devin Anderson for this wonderful victory and hopes to see them do big things again!